Best Ductless Range Hood Reviews for 2020

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Today's tech world, the name of the kitchen hood, range hood or exhaust hood, whatever you call it, isn't new. In fact, it's becoming part of our daily life to install the best ductless range hood to maintain a healthy kitchen as well as the home environment.

In particular, a recirculating range hood or vent hood or exhaust hood is a mechanical fan that hangs right above the cooktop or stove to trap the steam, dirt, grease, smoke, smell and other airborne particles that spawned during cooking. As a result, proper ventilation is essential and this is where the use of an appropriate range hood comes in as a savior.

You'll find two significant types of range hood on the market–ducted and ductless. From the title, you can easily understand that a vent used to filter and remove smoke and other contaminants in a ducted kitchen hood. On the other hand, the ductless kitchen hood recirculates the air inside the space and the main benefit of this kind is that it is flexible to be mounted anywhere in your kitchen as it does not require any hole/duct to pass the smoky, dirty, oily air out.

Therefore, If you have already installed a ducted range hood, well and good, if not, then a ductless range hood will give you more versatility and simple installation by eliminating the need of vent or duct. Let's see the short list of our 12 best ductless range hoods overview.

Best Ductless Range Hoods Comparison Table


Product Overview

Our Rating


Chef PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Hauslane Chef 30" & 36" PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood - 860 CFM airflow with energy saving LED light and baffle filter

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Range Hood

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Range Hood - 30"& 36" in size, 3 speeds settings, Voltage: 110 – 120 Volt / 60Hz and 100-412 CFM Airflow

Cosmo QS75 30 inch. Range Hood

Cosmo QS75 30 inch. 900 CFM Range Hood - two 1.5W LED light, Voltage: 120 Volt / 60 Hz, 3 Prong Plug & carbon filter

Cosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo 5MU30 200 CFM Range Hood - Multi layer aluminum filter and stainless steel body 3W LED lights, 200 CFM Airflow, 30" and 36" sizes

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30 inch. Range Hood

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30" Mount Range Hood - 2w LED lights with max. 343 CFM airflow ; Voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz

Z line KB-30 760 CFM Range Hood

Z line KB-30 760 CFM Range Hood - 2 stainless steel baffle filter with 110 V / 60 Hz voltage and two 3w LED lights

Broan-NuTone 413004 Cabinet Range Hood

Broan-NuTone 413004 30" Range Hood - single charcoal filter,Voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz, 2850 RPM Fan Speed

Proline PLJW 185 Wall/Under-cabinet Range Hood

Proline PLJW 185 600 CFM Range Hood - 30" & 36" sizes, 4 speed settings, stain-less steel 2 baffle filters with two 1.5w LED lights

BV Seamless Stainless Steel Kitchen Range Hoods

BV 30" and 36" Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood - 900 CFM airflow with 3w 12v LED lights, Baffle filters

AKDY RH0284 Stainless-Steel Wall Mount Hood

AKDY RH0284 Wall Mount Kitchen Range Hood with 2 baffle filters and LED lights, 30" and 36". 312 CFM Airflow

Cosmo UC30 Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo UC30 30 inch. 760 CFM Range Hood with 2 stainless steel baffle filters, 2 LED lights, 3 speed settings.

Cosmo 63175 30-in Wall-Mount Range Hood

Cosmo 63175 30-in Wall-Mount Range Hood with 760 CFM airflow and 2 LED lights, Convertible to ductless hood

Top  12 Ductless Range Hood Reviews

A ductless range hood is not only required to serve your purpose but also it increases the fashion of your kitchen. So, go and check our list of best ductless range hood reviews below.

1. Hauslane Chef PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Would you like to add elegance to your kitchen? Chef Range Hood 30" PS18 is one of the best under cabinet ductless range hoods that comes with a stylish stainless steel finish and a digital display that contrasts beautifully with your cooking area. Not only does it enhance the attractiveness of your kitchen but also its powerful 860 CFM extractor fan helps to capture difficult grease, smoke and cooking smells with ease.

There is no need for drywall or structural works during replacing your kitchen hood if you have Chef PS18 range hood with you as it allows three-way exhaust. Yes! It comes with three different adapters that fit 6" round or 10"x 3-1/4" rectangular duct, even you vents out from the rear too.

You will get all the above advantages without facing any hassle of rigorous cleaning. Yes! It comes with a versatile stainless steel surfaces extractor fan that can be wiped clean in seconds and the baffle filter is dishwasher safe.


  • Sleek design and solid construction
  • 860 CFM heavy-duty motor to capture smoke, grease, and odors
  • Easy to remove, dishwasher safe baffle filters
  • Comes with 2 years warranty on parts
  • Touch screen with digital clock
  • 3-way venting with 6-speed control option
  • Delay shut-off function
  • Relatively quiet considering the air movement


  • Chef PS18 is good quality but it’s a bit challenging to install
  • It's better than the others but it's not enough to kill all the smells as they marketed

A product is regarded as high quality when most of its users tag it functional and pleased with its efficiency. We found almost 80 percent positive feedback about this Chef ps18 range hood on amazon, which proves that it not a bad quality or inefficient under cabinet range hood. Therefore, we keep this item on the top of our list as the best ductless range hood in the market. So, you could try it for your kitchen without hesitation.

2. Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Range Hood

During cooking, you’re emitting a lot of moisture, oil, airborne particles and bad smells. If you not let them out or minimize any way, they’ll be creating health hazards. Therefore, to maintain a healthy environment in your kitchen as well as at home, there is no alternative to installing a quality range hood.

If you’re worried that you have a minimal option to make ducts, the solution is there too. You can use a recirculating or ductless range hood. From the aisle of ductless ceiling mount range hood, you can keep trust on the renowned Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Range Hood without tense.

Stainless steel Kitchen Bath Collection range hood fitted with an easy-to-use touch screen control panel and a sleek two-piece adjustable chimney with a curved edge with no visible welded seam. So, this stainless steel ductless range hood not only offers grease and odor-free clean kitchen environment but also enhances the beauty of your kitchen.

The Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED has a powerful UL certified motor that capable of generating a suction speed up to 700 m3/h or 412 CFM where each 100 CFM fan speed is enough for 10,000 BTU stove. You could also control the suction speed at three-stage in this device according to your cooking procedures. Kitchen bath collection STL75 also equipped with two powerful LED lights, each containing 49 bulbs, where competition has an average of 15 bulbs.

A filter is an essential part of the range hood made of aluminum micro-cell, which is easy to clean in the dishwasher. It also includes charcoal carbon filters necessary for optional vent-less installation.


  • Sleek stainless steel finish
  • High-end LED with 3x brightness
  • Weldless two-piece adjustable chimney
  • Dishwasher safe aluminum micro-cell grease filter
  • Allows ventless installation
  • High quality 304 stainless steel
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Charcoal carbon filters
  • UL-certified motor
  • Three-speed settings


  • A bit of louder and beeping when pressing any button
  • There is no ‘ON’ button on the touch screen control panel. You will find a power button which is to ‘OFF’ the device only.
  • The color of LED lights are little yellowish which might not like by many

Overall, it looks delicate and elegant. The touchpad control panel is easy to operate, the LED lights are bright and precise and the fan does a superb job of removing smoke, steam and odors. The only complaint about it is its sound level. However, if you compare it with others, it seems not much. So, to change the old one or purchase a new range hood, you may check this ductless Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Range Hood.

3. Cosmo QS75 30 inch. 900 CFM Range Hood

Are you a cooking lover and love to cook all your meals at home? Looking for the best ductless range hood with a charcoal filter that provides you extra power to keep clean your home atmosphere? The Cosmo QS75 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood comes with a powerful motor that ready to leave you clean air after each cooking session. Its twin centrifugal motor of Cosmo’s under cabinet range-hood enables you to quickly ventilate your kitchen without the loudness and sounds of other range hoods.

Not only is the Cosmo QS75 a compelling option for your kitchen but its canopy style brushed finish stainless steel body also grace your cooking room. Its touch screen LCD panel allows you to set suction speed in four-level as per your cooking variety. And interestingly, this range hood will enable you to control the speed with remote control.

Cosmo Cos QS75 has arc flow permanent filters made of stainless steel that are incredibly durable. Therefore, you no need to change the filters frequently, which saves your money and cleaning also breeze as it safe for the dishwasher.

The high-efficiency LED lights are 1.5 watts and have a long life span that never lets you cook in the dark while saving energy bills too.


  • Beautiful stainless steel finish
  • High Speed two centrifugal suction motor
  • Remote control
  • High-efficiency LED lights
  • Non-replaceable permanent filters
  • Convertible to ductless with carbon filters
  • Powerful metal motor and component


  • Not as quiet as described
  • LED’s are not up to the mark

The Cosmo QS75 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood will be an excellent option for those who are looking for a commercial-grade range hood. It nicely designed, durable and a high-efficient under cabinet range hood that will give you clean air, guaranteed.

4. Cosmo 5MU30 200 CFM Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

This Cosmo range hood is the best recirculating range hood for your condo or small apartment as it allows you to install with or without duct. It comes with an optional carbon filter for ductless operation and suitable for top or back venting. Therefore, you can install this Range Hood under a cabinet or against a wall with ease.

Item Specifications

  • Size: 5MU30 (30") and 5MU36 (36")
  • Vent Exhaust: 5-inch diameter 
  • Dimension: (29.75 x 19.75 x 5.5 inches) and (35.2 x 5.5 x 19.8 inches.)
  • Max. Fan Speed: 200 CFM
  • Noise Level: Max. 56 dB(A)
  • Filter Type: Mesh
  • Filter material: Multi-layer Aluminum
  • Standard Operating Voltage: 120 Volt, 3 Prong Plug
  • Motor Input Power: 146 watts
  • Weight: 14 lbs and 19 lbs
  • Body material: 430-grade, 20 gauge brushed stainless steel
  • Warranty: 5-years limited parts warranty.

Besides, the Cosmo under cabinet range hood easily fit with your existing kitchen décor, its powerful but quiet 200 CFM motor can combat cooking fumes, toxic pollutants and odors efficiently. It has three-speed settings and two energy-efficient but bright 3W LED lights that illuminate your stovetop throughout the day and night.

In the Cosmo 5MU30 range hood, you will find multi-layer filters made of durable, reusable aluminum mesh to trap grease and oil. It uses a 5-inch round duct for exhaust vent and includes a back-draft damper to prevent air coming back inside.


  • Slim profile
  • 2 different sizes available on the market 
  • Convertible between the duct & ductless
  • Easy-to-operate five push-button control panel
  • Easy-to-clean multi-layer mesh filter
  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Powerful exhaust – 200 CFM
  • Noise reduction technology


  • The aluminum filter is not dishwasher safe
  • Lights are located at the rear of the unit, not middle or front and a bit of less efficient

The Cosmo 5mu30 range hood is an excellent vent hood for the money. Nice, slim space-saving brushed stainless steel design along with high functionality, makes it will be an eye-catching collection to your kitchen.

5. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30" Mount Range Hood

Looking for the best convertible range hood, look no further? Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30" Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood offers you a modern European and Italian-made range hood that is compatible both for duct and ductless use. Yes! This distinctly Eurocentric kitchen hood with a clear glass canopy adds style to your kitchen along with sucking smokes, airborne particles and greases with its powerful 194W engine. It also allows you to set intensities of air suction in the three-speed level by just pressing buttons.

While powerful, the 1.6A engine of the kitchen exhaust fan is hushed, keeping the noise level below 65db. Additionally, the LED lamps provide the light you need for cooking.


  • Looks beautiful and modern design
  • Convertible between ducted and ductless recirculating
  • Easy to operate
  • Complete package, easy-to-install
  • Reusable, dishwasher safe filter
  • Reasonably low priced


  • A bit of louder than it said
  • Design is a bit of flimsy for long-lasting work
  • Cheap and cannot draw/suck entire smokes from cooking

The best side of this Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30" Wall Mount Range Hood is its sleek design and professional performance. However, it has some drawbacks as the structure is a bit shaky, and LED lights are not as bright as expected. However, in comparison to the price, it is a great range hood, especially, it's easy to install and looks gorgeous in your kitchen.

6. Z line KB-30 30" 760 CFM Range Hood

Z-Line, founded by Andy Zuro, is a family-owned kitchen and bath company based in Ohio and Nevada. They are known for their high-quality products and excellent customer service. Their hoods have a reputation for sufficient ventilation and easy installation.

It is compatible both for venting out and recirculating with a carbon filter (optional) to give you the versatility of installation. Zline KB-30 range hood uses 21-Gauge 430 brushed stainless steel to produce its body and parts that ensure quality and durability and make ZLINE range hoods the best in the industry.

All stainless steel mesh of the Zline 30 wall mount hood makes the cleaning and maintenance task super straightforward. It made of durable and feature high-quality stainless steel baffles filters that you can easily remove and wash by dishwashing machine. No grease will be left behind.


  • Elegant designs
  • Reliable - Factory tested performance
  • High performance 4-speed motor
  • Powerful fan and quiet operation on the highest setting
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters
  • Adjustable ceiling heights (7ft to 14ft)
  • Suitable for the most workshop or garage settings
  • Easy to clean vents
  • Great adjustable lights


  • A bit of pricey
  • Have complaints about vent sleeve that get scratch easily
  • Using the charcoal filter is not as effective as vent out   

The Z line KB-30 30" 760 CFM Range Hood is a sleek and slim design with elegant brushed stainless steel finish that enhances your kitchen décor with no doubt. It superpower fan capable enough to provide you a clean, healthy kitchen environment after each cooking session and silent operation easily attracts any chefs. Though it’s a bit pricey than others, you will get quality range hood if you purchase one.

7. Broan-NuTone 413004 Cabinet Range Hood

Illuminate your cooking area with the effective lighting system of Broan 413004 under cabinet range hood. It comes with a protective lamp lens and accepts up to 75W bulb, which distributes light evenly over the stove-top.

It's hard to clean and take care of the range hoods properly throughout our busy city life. Broan understands this correctly and makes their 41000 series kitchen hood easy to CARE. The non-ducted filtration system includes a carbon filter that effectively removes smoke and odors from your cooking area and helps you to clean the surface naturally by rubbing a rag.


  • Sleek appearance add style at the kitchen
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient two-speed fan control
  • Effective smoke and odor control
  • ADA compliant applications
  • Easy to clean non-ducted charcoal filter


  • Light bulb not included
  • Suction power is not as per

The BROAN-NuTone 413004 range hood is a good option for those who are looking for an efficient but budget-friendly option. It is easy to install, as you no need to cut duct on your concrete wall, as it comes with a grease-charcoal filter and trouble-free fan for recirculation exhaust. Finally, its powerful light gives you max illumination during cooking.

8. Proline PLJW 185. 600 CFM Range Hood

Not only slim in design but also Proline PLJW 185.30 made of #430 brushed stainless steel for durability and a great look. It also comes with a capable 600 CFM fan motor that can clean your kitchen environment from grease and airborne cooking particles. In spite of its powerful engine, it is silent enough as it generates a maximum of 5 sonic noise levels, which is equal to a normal conversation with background noise.

The stylish Proline range hood insert comes with several venting outlet options that allow you to be ventilated to the top of the hood or the back by removing the rear panels. You'll also love the crisp light bursts of two 1.5W GU10 LED bulbs. They're energy-efficient and bright enough to cover your entire cooking area.


  • Powerful but Pretty quiet 600 CFM motor
  • Easy to clean Stainless Steel Baffle Filters
  • 4 Speed Dual Blower
  • Bright but Energy Efficient LED Lights
  • Maximum Noise Level 5.0 Sones
  • Excellent price position
  • Good warranty policy


  • The installation process is a bit of time consuming and complicated
  • Not as quiet as described

The stunning brushed stainless steel finished Proline PLJW 185 under cabinet range hood is one of the slimmest options on the market that offers all necessary features, including powerful motor. It also comes up with an extensive one year warranty for parts and labor and two years warranty for parts which wear due to regular use. All you get at an affordable price.

Therefore, you may give try to remove nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds from your kitchen.

9. BV Seamless Stainless Steel Kitchen Range Hoods

Okay, yeah! If you love Proline PLJW 185, you might also like the BV seamless range hood, because both are identical in terms of design and perspective. However, the BV range hood will provide you with more powerful suction with its dual-motor fan, which maximum speed up to 900 CFM and also comes with two different sizes (30" & 36"). The BV high airflow ducted range hood will help you reduce most of the grease and smoke and leave a clean kitchen with fresh air while you will not feel disturbed with its noise level.

10. AKDY RH0284 Wall Mount Kitchen Range Hood

We're going to introduce you to another great brand in the kitchen range hood arena and that's AKDY. AKDY is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end home improvement goods and is well known for its latest design, quality materials, and affordable price range. You won't find any anomalies of AKDY-standard in the AKDY RH0284 kitchen wall mount range hood as well.

You will find all the necessary features of a professional range hood in the AKDY range hood. It comes with a powerful 194 W motor that will suck all grease, smoke and odor from cooking. Its 3-speed control panel with touch screen allows you to choose the intensity of the air suction. However, you will not feel the noise as its maximum sound level is 65 dB. The range hood is available in both 30" and 36" sizes. 

You can easily clean the body and filter it as both made of stainless steel. It uses a baffle filter, which is useful for pull out all grease from your cooking and safe for machine wash. The ADKY 30 under cabinet range hood also equipped with two 2W LED lights to blowout enough light on your stovetop.

Last but not least, AKDY RH0284 Convertible kitchen wall mount range hood includes a decorative chimney which is compatible with 8 ft. to 8.5 ft. ceilings allow you to adjust for multiple heights easily.


  • Sleek design and easy to mount
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comes with 3 speed touch control panel
  • 343 CFM first-class airflow system
  • The powerful motor of 194W
  • Quiet machine with the 65db noise level
  • Safety approved by ETL


  • Having complaints about fan
  • Carbon charcoal filters sold separately
  • Create a beeping noise while pressing buttons of the control panel

AKDY RH0248 Kitchen wall mount range hood is a beautifully designed under cabinet hood that gives you stainless steel finish and durability. Its touch panel allows you to do a variety of things from on/off the system, control suction speed and on the LED lights.

Its dishwasher safe baffle filter helps you to trap oil and grease particles and ventilate fresh air in your kitchen. All you find at an affordable price. So, you may check this out to keep your kitchen free from air pollutions.

11. Cosmo UC30 30 inch. 760 CFM Range Hood

If you go through our previous ductless range hood reviews, you may find that we talked about another two models from Cosmo. Cosmo is entirely new in comparison to Broan but it becomes one of the fastest-growing modern luxury kitchen appliances manufacturers because of its performance and quality.

The 760 CFM airflow is powerful enough to pull all kitchen contaminates along with separate grease from the air. In comparison to its powerful motor, it is sufficiently low noise that makes only 65 dB noise at maximum speed.

Another exciting feature of this Cosmo UC30 range hood is its permanent arc flow filter, which is exceptionally durable and safe for machine wash. It also equipped with two 2W LED bulbs, which is energy efficient as well as ensures better visibility at night.


  • Contemporary modern design
  • European style
  • The dual-motor can produce 760 CFM suction power
  • Can handle heavy ventilation tasks
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Easy to clean arc flow filter


  • A bit of noisy
  • Having an issue in the fan assembly

Cosmo UC30 30-in under cabinet range hood designed to fit nicely with your kitchen décor. It uses 430 grade, 20 gauge stainless steel, which makes it durable enough for long-lasting performance, and its powerful motor provides you clean and healthy air. All you get with an affordable price range. So, if you think for an under-cabinet range hood, you may check once from the Cosmo family.

12. Cosmo 63175 30-in Wall-Mount Range Hood

Hello, cook lovers! We reached the end of our best rated ductless range hood reviews and we wish to finish our list with a great product. So, there's nothing more straightforward to choose Cosmo Appliances for that. Yes! Yeah! Our final contender is the Cosmo 63175 range hood, featuring a state-of-the-art model with twin led lights and a high-quality stainless steel finish.

Cosmo Kitchen presents this powerful European style range hood with 760 CFM dual motor, which can remove smells and odors along with grease easily to leave a cleaner kitchen environment. Despite its powerful fan, this hood operates at noise levels less than 65 dB, which makes for ultra-quiet operation.

Like other Cosmo cooker hoods, COS-63175 also equipped with two permanent dishwashers safe baffle filters, which will save your cost of purchase filter every year as well as provide hassle-free cleaning. It’s powerful but energy-efficient 2W LED lights will give you maximum illumination during cooking.

Cosmo COS-63175 is easy to install and compatible for both the ducted range hood vents outside and away from your home as well as ductless operation with optional carbon filter kit.


  • Modern European design
  • Powerful 760 CFM fan
  • Low noise, not more than 65 dB
  • Simple push buttons
  • Easy to clean brushed stainless steel
  • Air Backdraft Damper
  • Expandable Ducting
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Not as silent as advertised
  • Create vibration on low fan speed

A massive response from customers proves that Cosmo 63175 30-in Wall-Mount Range Hood 760-CFM will not be a wrong choice for those who still not buy one or want to change existing hoods. In addition to its high-end features, it offers 5-years limited warranty that is ready to secure your investment all the way. So, don’t think much, grab one Cosmo range hood according to your requirement today.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Ductless Range Hood

Most of us, who are leave-in condos in the city, have a tiny room for a kitchen, where there is no enough scope for ventilation. And you will be amazed to know that cooking is one of the significant sources of indoor air pollutants unless you vent it out. According to a recent study, conducted by Berkeley Lab Scientist Brett Singer, a considerable amount of nitrogen dioxide produced from our gas burners. 

He also said that a gas burner could also produce carbon monoxide and nano-particles, which is harmful to our respiratory as well as body. Those who are using induction oven, they are safe from carbon monoxide but still producing nano-particles.

Not only heat sources can create health hazards, cooking itself can produce toxic and various unhealthy air pollutants from heating oil, fat and other food ingredients, especially at high temperatures, which is proved by a study conducted by the California Air Resource Board.

Not only heat sources can create health hazards, cooking itself can produce toxic and various unhealthy air pollutants from heating oil, fat and other food ingredients, especially at high temperatures, which is proved by a study conducted by the California Air Resource Board.
As for the solution, Brett said that using a quality range hood can address this problem to a great extent.

So, to keep your air pollutant-free and be safe from respiratory and other health hazards, install a range hood without any delay if not have earlier or check the performance of the existing one and replace it if necessary.

What Is A Ductless Range Hood?

The range hood is not a new thing for cook lovers and we have more or less understanding about the ducted or vent type kitchen hoods as we always see those around us. However, the ductless range hood is a modern version of the kitchen hood that has been designed to use in confined space keep in mind.

A ductless range hood nothing but a combination of a powerful blower fan and a carbon filter that has no duct to clean the air. Instead, it makes use of active air filtration and then pumps the air back into the room.

Why Choose Recirculating/Ductless Range Hoods?

If you go through our best ductless range hood reviews, you may notice that most of the kitchen hoods facilitate you both ducted and ductless installation. By adding a charcoal filter, you could quickly turn a ducted range hood into recirculating or ductless one.

If you decided to use ductless or recirculating range hoods, you’re going to be experiencing the following benefits.

Ease of Installation

If you buy a ductless range hood, you can install it within an hour or two after unboxing. Sometimes, you can do it yourself or just taking a hand. So, the most significant advantage of a ductless range hood is easy-to-installation.

It's easy because you don't need to hack into the outside wall and insert a steel vent tube all the way to the kitchen stove.

Avoid Hazards Of Back Drafting

If you use natural gas stoves and add an over-strength external vented range hood, it can practically cause your furnace to spill its exhaust back into your home — known as back-drafting.

If you use a recirculating range hood, you will never face this situation.

Healthy Air Circulation

When you cook something without using any range hood, you released three major air pollutants – carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and nano-particles, which are extremely hazardous for our health. A recirculating range hood with a charcoal filter helps you to remove all these to give you cleaner air to breathe.

Energy Savings

As ductless range hood recirculate the air inside your home, there is no chance to expel conditioning air to the outside. Moreover, most ductless range hood uses energy-efficient LED bulbs to illuminate the cooking area. Therefore, you can save a significant amount of energy by using a recirculating type range hood.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Range Hood?

We have carefully picked and listed the top-rated ductless range hoods available for purchase on the market but if you don't want any of them, several considerations need to be contemplated before choosing to get the best. Check out the following:


You've to invest a good amount of money to buy a ductless range hood. So, to secure your penny, it's better to invest in reputable brands, because they're never cheating you. We try to endorse all good brands in our reviews, which you can check for your assistance.


According to user-friendliness and installation procedure, a range hood is of different kinds. Among those, island range hoods are most popular nowadays. It gets mounted on the ceiling over an island. Next to island range hoods, under-cabinet range hoods are also equally popular variety.

Generally, the under-cabinet range hood comes with a powerful suction fan and a fantastic design that match your kitchen decors accurately. You can also consider wall mounted range hoods as they are easy to install.


After selection of brand and type, the next task is to check the size you required for your kitchen. On the market, you will find the range hood from 24 to 42 inches or higher. Buy correct size range hood is especially very important in case of the under cabinet type.

Build Quality

Once you set a kitchen hood, you may not prefer to change it the next day. That’s why which material is used to build your range hood is an important consideration. If you go through our reviews, you may find that most of them are using stainless steel to strengthen the body and filter.

Power of the Fan

Fan power or speed of a ductless range hood measured by CFM (cubic feet per minute). The higher the CFM, the more powerful the motor is. Based on your cooking style, you have to select how much suction power you need and thus the capacity of the engine. To learn about range hood cfm calculation read this article

Fan Speed Adjustment

If your range hood allows you to adjust different fan speeds, it will give you the flexibility to choose the suction power according to your cooking procedures. As per our reviews, we see that some brands allow three and some others are four gangs of fan speed. Which one is best to suit your cooking style, you have to decide before choosing one.

Filtration System

There are different kinds of filters available on the market. Mesh and baffles are most common among them. Stainless steel made baffle filters are most effective for trap grease and oil from your cooking and easy to clean with dishwasher.

Sound Level

It is evident that the machine makes noise and when you run a powerful fan motor it is most common. However, by using modern technologies, some brands producing range hoods that’s are remarkably silent. You may think about this when you're going to buy one for your kitchen.


Though we discussed at the last point, it is one of the essential factors that related to product quality. The higher the price, the more quality will be ensured. However, sometimes some brand offers good quality range hood with a lower cost to promote their brand. If you are a lucky one, you might get one of those.

Additional Features

Lightning – Most of the modern range hood equipped with LED lights. However, you should check that the brightness of those bulbs is sufficient for your kitchen or not. You also consider the energy factor.

Auto switch-off – If you are a forgetful cooker, you may look for a range hood that enables auto shut off feature. After a stipulated time, it will go off automatically.

Heat Sensor – having a heat sensor is plus as it automatically adjusts the suction power based on your cooktop temperature.

Filter Changing Indicator – It is crucial for duct-free range hoods, which indicates the change time of filter automatically.

Video: See Wall Mount Ductless Range hood Installation Process

Significant Frequently Asked Questions

Where Would I Buy The Best Range Hood?

Answer: You've got enough option of buying a range hood. Either you can pick one from your nearby local shops where kitchen appliances are available or you can buy the best range hood from online marketplaces. Amazon, Wirecutter Homedepot are some most popular and successful online marketplaces that you can check out too. On those online spots, not only do you buy your favorite kitchen hood, but you can also search customer reviews that give you a complete idea of the service.

Which One Is The Best Range Hood That I Can Buy?

Answer: It's really hard to identify or select one single range hood as the best. In this competitive market, all the manufacturers are trying to manufacture and sell their best products and you will find a tiny difference in performance and features when you compare them to each other. Given this, several brands are doing really well, like Broan, AKDY, Cosmo, chef. When choosing your cooker hood, you may give priority to these brands.

Which One Is Better Ducted Or Ductless Range Hood?

Answer: The main difference between the ducted and the ductless range hood is one needs to cut through the wall and remove all the smokes, smells outside your building, and the other just recirculate the air inside your house. We explore the advantages of the recirculating range hood in some depth in our previous topics. If you've read that already, you may understand which one is better.

How Often Does A Recirculating Range Hood Need Maintenance Work?

Answer: You need to clean the filter regularly to get the optimal performance from the recirculating range hood. The frequency of cleaning the filter depends on the cooking intensity. You've got to take care of another issue, the carbon filter. You have to change the carbon filter every two to three months; otherwise, it won't work. However, the carbon filter is not that expensive to replace.


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