Best Island Range Hood Reviews for 2020

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Why range hood in general and island range hood in particular? You don't want to go fatigued by hours of surfing across the web to get the precise answer. Get it here in the shortest possible time. Our expert team has provided you with the best island range hood preferences focusing on the product quality and big names in the industry as well. Not to exaggerate, by the time you will reach the concluding part of this in-depth island range hood reviews; your job is half-done.

How can you do away with the layer of grease, grime and other condescension, cooking fume or smoke and the stench or odor borne out of cooking? That is where the necessity of a range hood and its superiority over other alternatives looms large. A range hood sucks cooking odors, traps grease and ventilates your kitchen by pulling air through a filtration mechanism. Therefore, for a cleaner and healthier cooking space, your kitchen must be equipped with a smart and updated range hood.

To be specific, an island range hood is not only a smarter solution to address the said kitchen issues; instead, it adds to the sophistication and elegance of your kitchen. It stays hung from the roof centre with its sleek look, elegant design and illuminated lights. Thus how adds value to the overall property on top of ensuring a fresh and hygienic kitchen.

But to reach the right and quality range hood for your island mount vent hood poses a real challenge. Myriads of product studded in the home appliance stores may virtually misguide you. So to end up successfully with the best of its kind, you must go by the big names having a long-standing in the industry. Some of the big names singled out by our expert team are Golden Vantage, AKDY, FIREBIRD, Zline, Perfetto, Cavaliere and Cosmo.

Beyond a streak of doubt, the products narrowed down in the 10 best rated island range hoods. Moreover, all of them come featured with premium material, top quality components and sophisticated design and engineering.

Here you go with the industry leaders. 

Best Island Range Hoods Comparison Table


Product Overview

Our Rating


Z Line GL14i 760 CFM Island Range Hood

Z Line GL14i 400 CFM Island Range Hood - 4-speed Fan: 120/240/320/400 CFM, Dimensions: 36*24*6 inches

FIREBIRD 36 Inch. Euro Style Range Hood

FIREBIRD 36" Euro Style Island Range Hood - Ductless rangehood, Sound level: less than 65db : 343 CFM

AKDY SG-10B6-IS-36 European Style Island Range Hood

AKDY New 36" European Style Range Hood - Dual Side LED touch panel, Noise Level: <65 DB, 

Golden Vantage H703C-B30 Euro Style Range Hood

Golden Vantage H703C-B30 Euro Style Range Hood - Sound level: less than 65db 343 CFM, 3 speed settings

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30 Inch. Island Hood

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30" Island Hood - Max Airflow: 400 CFM, Recirculating ductless option, 3 speed settings

AKDY Island Mount Both Side Range Hood

AKDY 36" Island Mount Both Side Range Hood - Max airflow: 343 CFM,  4 speed settings, 3 baffle filter

Cosmo 668ICS900 36-in Island Range Hood

Cosmo 668ICS900 Island Mount Range Hood - Max Airflow: 900 CFM, Dimensions: 23.6*35.2*47 inches

Golden Vantage RH0300 Island Mount Range Hood

Golden Vantage 30" Island Mount Range Hood - 3 Speed level, less than 65db

350 CFM, 194w Motor

CAVALIERE SV218D-I36 Island Range hood

CAVALIERE SV218D-I36 Island Range hood Max Airflow: 900 CFM, 6 speed settings, 4 dimmable LED lights

AKDY New 30 In European Style Island Hood

AKDY New 30" European Style Island Range Hood - Max Airflow: 343 CFM
Sound level < 65db 

Top 10 Island Range Hood Reviews

1. Z Line GL14i 400 CFM Island Range Hood

If you need or prefer an island range hood for kitchen ventilation, this 36 inches island range hood offers performance, durability and stylish look. Usually, all these in a kitchen appliance are alluring though not rare.

The multi-speed fan control offers four-speed settings and facilitates you to opt for the airflow matching your current cooking activities. And the max 760 CFM airflow is just robust to blow steam and odor so fast you as you please. If you find this too loud, the lower speed will provide you with smoother and quieter ventilation.

Z Line GL14i 760 CFM Island Range Hood
  • 4-speed Fan: 120/240/320/400 CFM
  • Size: 36"
  • Dimensions: 36*24*6 inches
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Sound Level: < 56 DB
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Outlet: 6" Diameter

Stainless steel is the premium grade material to offer durability along with cleaning convenience. In line with that, the construction makes it stand out thanks to the baffle filter system. The baffle filters efficiently separate the air and grease. Moreover, they are a breeze to clean with dishwasher.

Zline 36"exclusive professional motor is destined for mightier airflow, longer than usual fume extract service and quieter functionality.


  • Halogen or LED lights illuminate your cooking space
  • Steel on steel build contributes to both look and durability
  • Designed to add to the real estate value of your property
  • 3 years long warranty stands for the confident craftsmanship


  • 65 lbs of weight is an installation hassle but there is way out to deal with
  • Attaching hardware allegedly of low quality

Bottom-line: Zline island range hood combines superior performance with an elegant look. Thanks to the powerful motor, material and construction.

2. FIREBIRD 36 Inch. Euro Style Range Hood

This time we will talk of a kitchen fan a bit bigger and advanced in features. And rest of the factors – performance, materials and look – remain industry standard. 36" as a kitchen range hood is bigger but will nicely accommodate in your kitchen 8-9' high. Therefore, you can go for this without any concern for storage height.

As for the electronic control, it will welcome you with the LCD setting instead of the traditional push-button control. Moreover, this LCD control is set on both sides of the fan.

The power motor will efficiently remove dirt, grease and smoke with the powerful airflow of 343 CFM. To your pleasant surprise, the four-speed setting will provide you with the airflow suitable for the activities. Suppose you can keep the fan speed at the lowest setting while dining.

FIREBIRD 36 Inch. Euro Style Range Hood
  • Type: Island range hood(Convertible)
  • Size: 36"
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 23.5*35.2*49.2 inches
  • Duct Size: 6"
  • Weight: 64 lbs
  • Lights: 4  1.5W LED Lights
  • Compatible for 8-8.5' high ceiling
  • Speed setting: 3
  • Sound Level: less than 65db

And unlike in other units, the LED lights discharge moderately brighter light to illuminate the kitchen space generally and enable you to scan the cooking item. Not to mention, the baffle filters that will separate the grease from the air and replace the old smoky air with the healthy fresh one.

A bit highly-priced but when compared with the features and performance, the price seems not a deal killer at all. Moreover, the 3-year warranty makes the unit a steal against the high price.


  • LCD touch panels for convenient handling
  • Quieter functioning at <65 db
  • European style decorative chimney for efficient smoke emitting
  • 4 led light lights for extra visibility


  • Hanging requires added efforts

Bottom-line: Whether to replace the old one or to install a new kitchen fan, this FIREBIRD will exceed your satisfaction level. And it is spectacularly beautiful.

3. AKDY New 36" European Style Range Hood

AKDY New 36 inches island range hood is the perfect kitchen ventilation solution. To focus pointedly, the LCD touch panel, multi-speed setting, powerful motor, premium material and innovative design. All the said features impart the exhaust fan a dazzling look that adds to the total value of the house.

Yes, the motor is powerful enough to take any odor, fume and unhealthy particles out by the storm. But you still have the scope to enjoy silent ventilation by selecting a low fan setting. To your utter pleasure, it will not create a noisy kitchen even when the fan is on the highest.

Featured with a sophisticated control the exhaust fan is a total thanks to the dual touch panel line that response in a matter of seconds.

4. Golden Vantage H703C-B30 Euro Style Range Hood

This second golden vantage unit in this review is unique because it is made a wall mount range hood but can easily be hung from the ceiling. Thanks to the euro-style telescopic chimney that goes well with roof venting.

Not to worry about the installation, it comes equipped with the installation guide and accessories. A great concern made simple and easy for you. The motor will no way go above the 65 db of noise intensity even when at the highest speed of 343 CFM.

Golden Vantage H703C-B30 Euro Style Range Hood
  • Type & Size: 30" wall mount and island installation range hood
  • Max Airflow: 343 CFM
  • Weight: 47.9 lbs
  • Duct Size: 6" Outlet
  • Dimensions: 32*22*19 inches
  • Noise Level: <65 DB
  • Speed-setting: 3
  • LED lights: 2 2w lights
  • Material: Stainless Steel & tempered glass

And the filters are just what you should crave for. The baffle filters are an efficient steam and odor sucker on top of the grease catcher. To your utter amazement, you can detach both the filters to clean with dishwasher.

Two advanced features are LCD touch control and tempered glass canopy. The former will let you control the unit at-need and a finger tap while the later will keep the heat from escaping even when the unit is off.


  • 3-year long part warranty is a deal maker
  • Dual installation convenience provide you preferable setup
  • Manufacture provided accessories for easy setup
  • Rust-proof stainless steel finish


  • Reported to be noisy
  • Touch controls get stuck at times

Bottom-line: Best for the price range with huge power, advanced features and modern design.

5. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30 Inch. Island Hood

Perfetto Kitchen fan takes us back to the 30" size and push-button control. For that size, any ceiling height ranging from 8-9 ft will do superbly. Push-button controls provide you with the classic feel of operation.

There are above the basic or traditional design thanks to the tempered glass canopy. That upgrades the look of the vent and the filters are just what you should crave for. Two-piece removable baffle filters will blot the grease separating the stinky air. And you can get rid of the grease by giving an easy wash with the dishwashing detergent. Therefore, Perfetto ensures both clean kitchen and the clean unit even after long use and abuse.

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30 Inch. Island Hood
  • Type & Size: 30" Island Range Hood 
  • Dimensions: 29.25*23.5*49.25 inches
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Max Airflow: 400 CFM
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of light: 4
  • Number of speed: 3
  • Filter : 2 detachable baffle filters

You are enjoying a multi-speed ventilation speed while having the max 400 CFM airflow by running the fan at the highest selectable speed.

Besides removing unwanted odors and unhygienic particles from your kitchen, this unit will illuminate the overall kitchen and make the cooking items more visible. If you want to go ductless and don't want to vent your loved roof, you can opt for the carbon filter in exchange for paying extra.


  • Sleek, elegant and impressive kitchen appliance adds to the space beauty and property value
  • Robust airflow with quieter alternative
  • Space-brightening led lights to cook even in the dark
  • Recirculating ductless option
  • Easy and simple to set up


  • Reported to arrive with dents

Bottom-line: Backed by 3-year parts warranty, one of the best island range hoods speaks volume for the confidence about the product quality.

6. AKDY 36" Island Mount Both Side Range Hood

The current AKDY exhaust fan under review and the previous one do have several features common and most of the common elements are basic. Therefore, it can be said without the least hesitation that this unit performs efficiently, serves sustainably and adds to the real-estate value.

Not to end here, the latest AKDY range hood fairly outruns the older version by several additional features – four-speed fan setting instead of 3-speed, remote control maneuvering and LCD dual panel control. The remote control functionality has made the operation a breeze. An island range hood run by distant from your convenient position is the most fabulous fun.

7. Cosmo 668ICS900 Island Mount Range Hood

Boasted by 900 CFM of airflow along with three speed-setting, Cosmo 668ICS900 island extract fan stand above all its rivals. You can invite the robust airflow putting the fan speed at its highest if you want a rapid removal of the stinky smell replaced with fresh air. That type of high-speed ventilation will produce a sound coming from the motor. Conversely, you can go with slower and soundless airflow when the fan is low. Thanks to the single centrifugal motor.

Next comes the focus on material - 20-gauge stainless steel and 430-grade premium quality steel – brushed finish. That will serve you rust-proof and immune to dirt and dust build-up.

8. Golden Vantage RH0300 Island Mount Range Hood

Are you after an intuitive but straightforward unit for your kitchen ventilation? You are in the right company. A kitchen range hood is not merely to keep your cooking space free from odor and fume. The trendy range hoods like Golden vantage 30-inch island range hoods work fantastic both in terms of performance and look.

So far, performance is the concern; it will ensure you the most hygienic kitchen efficiently replacing the dampness, fumes and odor borne out of your kitchen activities. Moreover, the 3-speed fan will let you prefer the speed suitable for your current business. Thus you can save power and fan life.

Golden Vantage RH0300 Island Mount Range Hood
  • Max Airflow: 350 CFM
  • Size: 30" fit for 8-9' high ceiling
  • Dimensions: 29.25 w*23.5 l* 42.1 h
  • Duct Size: 6"
  • Handling Type: Push Button
  • Filter : 2 Mesh Filters
  • Motor Wattage: 194 W
  • Made of Stainless Steel & Tempered Glass
  • Level of Speed: 3

In terms of power, the motor is just vast and able to discharge as high as 350 CFM of airflow. But in answering the noise concern, it offers less than 65 DB of noise intensity. And you can have a noise-free dinner while keeping the fan on.

And all these at a budget price backed by the 3-year warranty are just a steal. 


  • Performs great and looks excellent
  • Powerful but quieter motor
  • Sturdy built and so durable with premium material
  • Great customer service and reasonably priced


  • Led lights are merely decorative
  • Arrives with dents

Bottom-line: I will recommend this unit for those who want a superbly functional, attractive, and budget-priced appliance for a healthy and clean kitchen. Moreover, this is ideal as an island range hood for a low ceiling.

9. CAVALIERE SV218D-I36 Island Range hood

Want to equip your kitchen with one of the magnificent 30-inch island mount range hoods? Breathe, before nodding yes. You can avail of all the necessary primary benefits and the premium features that virtually have made it stand out among the industry. You know what essential features any kitchen unit can provide you with.

Let's delve deep into the sensational design and innovative technology Cavalierre SV218D-I35 comes featured with.

It is all for your improved cooking experience – peerless ventilation and longer than average exhaust services. The design gets highly accentuated by the brushed 19 gauge stainless finish. Therefore, cleaning is fun now and getting rust is a far cry.

CAVALIERE SV218D-I36 Island Range hood
  • Type and Size: 30" Island Range hood
  • Dimensions: 23.6*35.4*47.5 inches
  • Weight: 58.6 lbs
  • Control: 2-touch sensitive panels
  • Max Airflow: 900 CFM
  • Lights: 4 dimmable LED lights
  • Filters: Stainless steel baffle filters
  • Number of Speed: 6

In line with that, technology offers equal support. The robust centrifugal motor will emit ghastly airflow amounting to 900 CFM. Never go worried about fanning noise as it welcomes you with as many as 6 vent-speed options to select from. Undoubtedly, you can have 360 ventilation and can go whisper-quiet also when dining with family and friends.

Completing the course of technology the dual-touch control panels offer LCD. To your pleasant surprise, the timer option lets you shut it down in 1-15 minutes.


  • Heat-sensitive automatic speed selection
  • Equipped with 1-15 minutes timer option and 30-hour cleaning reminder setting
  • Easy-clean and rust-proof material ensures hassle-free and longer exhausting life
  • Tempered glass canopy and recirculating filter kit for added convenience
  • 1-year limited warranty and 30-day return policy echo the confidence of the product quality


  • LED lights go off at times
  • Go noisy when the fan is at its high

Bottom-line: A blower of fresh air. Resistant to heat, rust and easy-clean and can fit into the list of the best rated island range hoods.

10. AKDY New 30" European Style Island Range Hood

AKDY home appliance is an added value to your property by its stand-out design and performance. Beside the tempered glass canopy, the European style pyramid-shape duct cover has given the hood a wow look it is so known for.

The powerful motor will suck all fume and blow any odor and unhealthy particles out faster. The big upside is that the motor produces less than 65 db sound even when the fan is at the highest of the 3-speed settings. Therefore, you can go noise-free and get a fresh kitchen now.

The island range hood is minimalist in design but made of a premium material. That's why it will serve as the rust-proof and so the most durable exhaust fan.

AKDY New 30 In European Style Island Hood
  • Type and Size: 30" Island range hood
  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 29.3 x 45.7 inches
  • Weight: 57 lbs
  • Max Airflow: 343 CFM
  • Number of Speed: 3
  • Number of LED lights: 4
  • Parts Warranty: 3 years
  • Material: Stainless Steel & tempered glass

Unlike the decorative LED lights in the rival units, AKDY lights can enlighten the kitchen fairly enough to cook with ease. Thus they can save your utility bill. In line with that, the classic and professional-grade mesh filters will pour unbridled airflow. Moreover, they are dishwasher safe and so easy to maintain.

Last but not least is recirculating technology and so can work as a ventless island range hood. For all these, this unit has earned the fame of the ultimate kitchen fan – innovative and modern.


  • Convertible filter option provide you selectable venting option
  • Safety standard guaranteed by ELT Compliance certificate
  • Brushed stainless steel finish for rust-proof and easy-clean convenience
  • Touch panel more suitable for island set up


  • Installation is a bit hard
  • Mesh filter is lesser grease sucker but max air blower

Bottom-line: The ultimate steam sucker and odor remover are backed by a premium power motor, high-end material and efficient filter. This is a practical and professional-grade kitchen fan to go for at sight.

How to end up buying the best island range hood?

Any range hood will get your kitchen rid of layers of grime, grease and dirt. Moreover, they will suck up the stinky odor - a cooking by-product. The Island range hood serves this purpose best when you have an island cooking space, but you have to reach the best island hood vent for that.

Finding the right island extract fan is not that tough a job but some preparation will save you time and marketing hassle. Pre-purchase considerations are nearly the same for any type of range hood. They include size, ducted or recirculating options, extraction rate, filters, noise and electronic controls.

So far island range hood is involved, added attention needs to give on weight, dimensions and electronic controls.


While the overall weight of the unit no way affects the main task of extracting air or sucking smoke, it matters greatly while installing a big unit overhead. And you will want less heavy tools hanging from above. In this regard, you should go minimal in weight for your intended island range hood.


Dimensions matter much, especially for island range hood. It may not directly relate to the performance but a wrong size kitchen unit may affect your comfortable movement in the kitchen. Therefore, advisable would be to know the matching ceiling height stated by the manufacturers. If it goes with your kitchen ceiling height, you should go for it.

Electronic Controls

You have two options before you – electronic push button and LCD touch panel line. The product coming with an LCD touch panel would be more convenient as they will respond at the mere tap of a fingertip. Conversely, the traditional push-button will take a vigorous press of buttons that may prove fatal over time, especially an appliance hanging from the ceiling.

As is said, these are not the prime concerns or considerations for a range hood. On top of the fundamental considerations for rangehood in general, the said factors are the must check before any island range hood purchase. Finally, after you have reached the right island vent hood, your foremost duty should be to know how to install an island range hood. This is a must whether you do the tough job yourself or hire a professional plumber.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the extraction rate and airflow rate?

Answer: Extraction rate is the ability to suck or draw in the air while the airflow rate is the ability to exhale or blow air. They are co-related. The higher the extraction, the maximum would be the airflow rate. The airflow rate is measured and mentioned in CFM – Cubic Feet per Minute.

Can you come out clearing the confusion between Ducted vs Recirculating rangehood?

Answer: The confusion is really slim and so easy to get over. Ducted range hoods blow the sucked air out through its duct pipe vented by digging a hole in the wall or ceiling. The duct pipe works like a chimney here.

Conversely, the recirculating range hoods do not blow the drawn air out of the room. Rather they use a carbon filter kit to recycle the fume into the fresh air and emit back through the filters.

Can a wall mount range hood work as an island range hood?

Answer: Not all the wall mount can do. But if a wall mount fan has European style or telescopic duct cover and slide sleeve to vent through the ceiling concrete, it can work. The last exhaust fan in our review is a kind of range hood that can install in both orientations.

Does rangehood size matter?

Answer: Yes, size matters. It matters more for island range hood. The bigger the size, the more crucial it is to install. That apart, you should measure your ceiling height before selecting your island range hood size. Hanging from the middle, it will hinder your movement if it is oversized than your cooktop ceiling space.

Final Verdict

By the time, you have reached this part of the island range hood reviews; you may have decided already which product will serve your purpose best. Given range hood reviews will answer your needs; you can go for a particular unit going by the respective specifications.

Depending on the cooking task, you tend to frequent you can opt for a lower or higher airflow rate. But the powerful motor will not create noise issues as all the kitchen fans feature with the multi-speed setting. You can select a low or high fan speed as per your situation. To sum up, we can confidently say any of the products reviewed in this article will surely prove to be the best island range hood to ensure you clean, healthy and elegant kitchen.

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