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Finding the Best Microwave Brand | Top 10 Brands in the World

Best Microwave Brand has come with more advance benefits come out from its pre-features of only heating a cup of tea, coffee or making popcorn and leftovers. Now it becomes updated much. Most importantly, it is providing almost all benefits in cooking required a person or family.

A best-branded microwave oven can cook all types of steamed veggies, baked potato, crispy food like a simple egg poached two to five times faster than the regular stove. But what is the best brand of microwave? We have researched the recent market to find out the best microwave oven.

Hence, we have tested several brand's microwaves in our kitchen appliance and high technological lab. According to the test, we make a list of the top ten best microwave oven brands. This list will help you to buy the best oven.

Checklist for Best Microwave Brand

A good microwave brand is a blessing in your daily life. Likewise, one wrong choice can turn your investment into waste and even can cause your resentment. That's why we think it is essential to learn about microwave brands before making the final buying decision.

Even though there are a notable number of microwave ovens in different brands. We are going to tell you about the Best Microwave Brand based on functionality, popularity, durability, price value and real user feedback.

  • Panasonic
  • Toshiba
  • Hamilton beach
  • Magic chef
  • Kenmore
  • Emerson
  • Whirlpool
  • Farberware
  • Maytag
  • Breville


Panasonic microwave ovens are making with highly effective patented inverter technology. The specialty of this technology is that it can cook every meal evenly from the side to the center. Similarly, it has no possibilities for extreme cooked food. Moreover, it can ensure the food nutrients and keep the food delicious. 

Besides, food appearance and texture will stay perfect after cooking. Another great advantage of Panasonic is that it comes in different sizes to fit all kitchens. You can choose a stainless-steel microwave oven with a white or black look which matched with other stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Top 3 Recommended Panasonic Oven on Amazon:

Panasonic oven is the best performer for increasing the kitchen interior beauty with product quality. Panasonic release all of the ovens with a compacted design to save your kitchen space.

Besides, the Panasonic ovens are comparatively lighter than other traditional ovens. If you want to decorate your kitchen with a modern microwave oven with extreme benefits, then the Panasonic microwave oven is excellent.


Toshiba is another best microwave oven brand for your kitchen. Its multiple features, long-last durability, compacted design, white and black, two elegant colors increase its popularity to the user. Typically, the 1.2 cubic feet and 1000-watt Toshiba oven are perfect for the kitchen. But Toshiba microwave will also suit the office break room. Similarly, the stainless-steel body materials and glossy black color are very suitable for your kitchen accessories.

The Toshiba micro ovens can cook up to 6 favorite food with only one button of the reheat system. Toshiba micro oven comes with a bright display, which makes it easy to read the cooking result. The white text is always displaying on the blue screen. Most importantly, the ovens can hold up to six slices together.

Top 3 Recommended Toshiba Oven on Amazon:

Most of the Toshiba ovens include a baking pan and a three-piece rotisserie kit. Toshiba has up to ten different temperature setting system to cook almost all types of food. It is big enough to roast a 9x13 inch chicken casserole and 12-inch pizza.

Good to know that you can set 150 to 450-degree temperature for up to 2 hours. Moreover, Toshiba's oven has a removable crumb tray and an adjustable rack.

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is the top-quality growing brand which produces a useful oven to add new enjoyment to your daily life. Firstly, China's subcontractor has made all of the Hamilton beach applications since 2012. And microwave oven is one of the Although, it releases a medium size oven, but it has 1000- watt power to cook fast and accurately. Besides, it is suitable for most families.

Moreover, Hamilton provides a large display for easy monitoring. Luckily, you will get a mute button. It will help you to cook silently so that the other people in your home get a release from noise. Overall, this brand is a worthy choice for microwave brands.

Top 3 Recommended Hamilton Beach Oven on Amazon:

Magic Chef

The magic chef comes from the MCA corporation of the most reliable whirlpool in 1996. It is a great way to serve your supper within a fast time to busy people. In this brand, you will get maximum cooking benefits. In this microwave brand, there have black, white, and stainless-steel color is available.

Few microwave ovens models of magic chef have respectively one-touch cooking function and heat controlling option to control the temperature. Moreover, some model has come with a digital clock, timers, sensor, and exclusive concave reflection system for heating.

Top 3 Recommended Magic Chef Oven on Amazon:

The magic chef has including an automatic fan with a microwave oven. People loved it for easy installing.


Kenmore comes with a sophisticated look and over the range best microwave oven brand which has maximum space-saving countertop style. Luckily, the user will get a pre-program cooking button from this brand. The cooking, defrosting, and food warming process will be more comfortable by using this pre-programming button system.

Hence, a powerful sensor is integrated with it which can suit the heat according to the food types. It has an excellent internal capacity as well as a compact design that makes it easy to move. The Kenmore brand oven can prepare your food with the breezing speed. So, it is time and labor consuming too.

Top 3 Recommended Kenmore Oven on Amazon:

Besides, its cohesive style will perfectly suit with your kitchen materials even it can cause of envy of your neighbors. It ensures you more authentic cooking. Are you ready to get a Kenmore microwave? OK, Read our reviews of top 7 Kenmore microwave oven and decide what is the best one for you. 


Emerson is a trusted and oldest microwave oven brand. It is highly efficient to keep balance the cold, defrost and heat Evenness. Emerson is producing few colors- including the black, white and stainless steel. And the maximum oven model comes with the auto sensor system. However, let's know the details about Emerson's features.

Its cooking program can provide you beverages, popcorn, pizza, potato, frozen vegetables, dinner making benefits. Then it has maximum 99-watt power and a bright LED display. Good to know you can set up the timer for 99 minutes. This brand is also offering a button system door opening method for user convenience. 

Top 3 Recommended Emerson Oven on Amazon:

Due to its effectiveness and excellent performance, this brand is standing out and getting more popular over the years.


Whirlpool is the best microwave oven brand and most reliable electronics product providing company. As a part of its excellent service, the microwave oven is the best to offer for your modern kitchen. It will add new advanced features in you to make easier your daily lifestyle. In a word, the whirlpool is offering everything you required to defrost food, heating and cooling within a short time.

First of all, whirlpool realizes the demand for each homeowner. That's why it produces several sizes and colors of microwave to fit as per the kitchen size and owner preference.

Secondly, it offers countertop and low- profile type microwave for your kitchen.

Top 3 Recommended Whirlpool Oven on Amazon:

Similarly, you will get a tap touch controlling, several settings for individual food and also convection power will give a well-cooked with less labor. Furthermore, this brand reduces the guesswork because it has a sensor system to add your cooking time in the oven. Besides, it can cook with steam.


Farberware is a reputed kitchenware producing company of New York city which founded in1990 and retains its popularity till now. As well as the several kitchen appliances are providing high-quality microwave oven in a different size, quality and design.

One of the great benefits of this oven that comes with several models for several works. So, you can choose a specific one.

And all of the ovens come with a digital display. This brand is best for convection bake, reheat, broil, roast, cookies.

Top 3 Recommended Farberware Oven on Amazon:

Moreover, it is offering an oven can make a bagel, defrost, warm, pizza. You will get a more simple compacted design to adjust to the other kitchenware. To learn more about Farberware Microwave and get reviews, read this article.


The great Breville will take you out of cooking, heating and defrosting food based on your assumption. It also has a turn dial method instead of the traditional number keypad. Which allows you to set up several temperature and time according to the food types so that it can turn off automatically after the fixed time.

Besides, you can use a Sensor IQ technology to adjust the time and heat level. The sensor can also detect steam during cooking.

Luckily, these brand ovens allow you to choose most of the typical food to reheat or to defrost. 

Top 3 Recommended Breville Oven on Amazon:

It includes an individual setting for the Popcorn, Beverage, Pizza, Melt Chocolate, Soften Butter and other food. Breville also offers a bit more buttons; you can take additional time to cook. You will get a +30 Instant Start button for extra time

From the other features, the -self-locating turntable power, kitchen timer, clock display, volume control and unit weight conversion are most notable. It offers a sizeable 1.2-cubic-foot capacity oven. I think it is the best brand microwave.


Maytag microwaves are come with the most reliable technology to ensure fast meals and full convection food. First of all, this brand integrated a sensor system for all ovens so that you can adjust the cooking temperature and time. And also, it can help you to cook from pasta to other large casseroles. Most importantly, you won't need any overheating to prepare for all family members.

Furthermore, Maytag oven has a unique filtering system air, odor and grease. This method works for removing the smoke smells and grime from the oven.

The countertop and over the range both models are available in this brand.

Due to its stainless-steel body, you can use it for several years as well as the cleaning and moving process is also easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when buying a microwave?

Answer: Here are the most usual things you should keep in mind when buying a microwave

  • Kitchen type and space
  • Microwave size
  • Maximum watt power
  • Oven capacity
  • Pre-programming system
  • Price
  • Exterior design
  • Noise level and safety

What watt microwave is best?

Answer: A 1,000-watt microwave is idle for all the time to cook perfectly and more quickly. Remember that the 700-watt oven doesn't cook properly. On the other hand, 700 watts or less then it is prolonged. Only, the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking.

How long should a microwave last?

Answer: Typically, a microwave should long last up to 10 years. And microwave such a device you have not to do anything more to keep it safe. Only proper cleaning can increase the lifetime of your microwave oven.

Is it dangerous to stand in front of a microwave oven?

Answer: It is recommended not to stand too close to a microwave oven. Because sometimes the microwave oven can leak radiation. Which can cause risk, But the possibilities are very less.

Our Verdict

The brands mentioned above are the Best Microwave Brand for over the years. And with the change of time, these brands have become more developed with new features and benefits. Moreover, all of the above brands are the best-selling brand for good quality products within less price.

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