Best Wall Mount Range Hood Reviews of 2020

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What is the most crucial spot of the home to keep us alive and healthy? A kitchen should be the sole answer. But the irony is that this very spot tends to become unhealthy and stinky so very often. Therefore, any appliance that can keep it healthy and clean is very crucial. What can be more suitable than a modern range hood to serve the said purpose? And I think the best wall mount range hood can do away with all the pollutants and odor borne out of kitchen activities.

Not to forget, only a top-quality product can efficiently suck the smoke and blow out the tiny particles from your kitchen. Our expert team has explored myriads of units across the web and physical stores in search of the premium quality exhaust fans.

To your utter relax, this team comprised of veteran professionals has brought 12 industry-grade wall mounted range hood reviews. All of them came well-constructed with premium material and featured with advanced features.

As expected, they all have come from the big names of the industry known for quality, durability, and services and supported by positive customer feedback. With those available in one place, your job is half-done provided you are after a range hood.

However, these best wall mount range hoods will not merely protect the kitchen space and other appliances free from smoke or odor rather, they will superbly add to the aesthetics of your home. Not to mention, the cooking spot will have a high-tech setting.

Now you need to consider several factors to reach the right one for your home. Our buying guide, covering the said factors, will guide you towards the unit right for you.

Here you go with the 12 industry leaders.

Best Wall Mount Range Hood Comparison Table


Product Overview

Our Rating

CAVALIERE 30 inch. Wall Mounted Range Hood

CAVALIERE 30" 900 CFM Range Hood - Convertible, Sound: max 56 db, 2 LED lights, 39.6 lbs weight

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Range Hood

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED 30" & 36"  Range Hood - Ductless option, Sound Range : 48-58 DB, 100 - 412 CFM

Winflo New 30 Inch. Convertible Range Hood

Winflo New 30" Convertible Range Hood - 400 CFM Airflow, 3 speed settings, 3 different types, 2 LED lights

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30 inch. Range Hood

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30" Range Hood - Ductless option, Sound Range : 43-68 db, 343 CFM, 44.6 lbs weight

Golden Vantage Black Painted Range Hood

Golden Vantage Black Painted Range Hood - Ductless option, Size: 30" & 36", 30 & 32 lbs weight, 217 CFM Airflow

AKDY Wall Mount Tempered Glass Range Hood

AKDY 30" Wall Mount Temper-ed Glass Range Hood - Ductless option, 217 CFM, 28.5 lbs weight, 2 LED lights

Chef WM-639 Wall Mount Range Hood

Hauslane Chef Series Wall Mount Range Hood - Ductless option, Size: 30" & 36", 750, 860 and 900 CFM, 7 different styles

FIREBIRD New European Style Mounted Range Hood

FIREBIRD New European Style Range Hood - Size: 30" & 36", 343 CFM, 30.4 & 33 lbs weight, 2 front lights

Cosmo 668AS750 380 CFM Range Hood

Cosmo 668AS750 380 CFM Range Hood - Ductless option, Size: 30" & 36", 42 & 40 lbs weight, 2 lights, 3 speed settings

Cavaliere SV218B2 900 CFM Range Hood

Cavaliere SV218B2 900 CFM Range Hood - Ductless option, Sound Range : 25-56 db, Size: 30", 39.6 lbs weight

DKB 30 Inch. 600 CFM Wall Mounted Range Hood

DKB 30" 600 CFM Wall Mounted Range Hood - Convertible, 6 speed settings, 44 lbs weight, 2 lights

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 36 inch Island Mount Hood

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 36" Island Mount Hood - Island option, Size: 36", 65 lbs weight, 400 CFM Airflow

Reviews of Top 12 Wall Mount Range Hoods

1. CAVALIERE 30 inch. Wall Mounted Range Hood

The ultimate high-end wall mounted extractor hood unit is a must to equip a kitchen with heavy cooking. The robust power motor, high-end material, innovative design and quality build-up have made it hot among the users. On top all said, the sound intensity range is low enough for such a robust airflow of 900 CFM.

With that high speed of the fan, grease and dirt particles are the last things to reside inside the kitchen. And any odor borne out of cooking will vanish within no time. This unit is something to depend on if you want a healthy and clean kitchen guaranteed.

2. Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Range Hood

Kitchen Bath STL75 is the best 30 inch wall mount range hood and so is the real value for a homeowner in need of a perfect kitchen appliance at a completive price. Backed by premium material and innovative design, it comes featured with the most updated filtering system and electronic control. Tons of credits go to the charcoal filtering system because you can go ductless now.

Therefore, installation cost and pain are minimal. Moreover, you don't have to drill your loved walls. In sync with that, you are not required to spend additionally for the carbon filtration system.

3. Winflo New 30" Convertible Range Hood

If you want a clean and pollution-free kitchen and don't want to dig through the walls, this Winflow unit comes to your rescue. You can go ducted and ductless both. But irrespective of the ventilating type, a refreshed and neutralized cooking space is guaranteed.

To add, aluminum mesh filters are an excellent convenience for constant airflow to blow sticky air and odor entirely out. And the aluminum is easy and fun to clean. By the way, This range hood comes with three different types such as mesh filters, baffle filters, and stainless steel Panels. So you can select any type you prefer. The weights of the range hood are 19.5 lbs, 20.5 lbs and 22 lbs (Differ from filter types)

4. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30 inch. Range Hood

Top-quality material is one of the deciding factors on which you can count upon while voting for a kitchen appliance. Thus you can have longer than average service through heavy use and even abuse. In this regard, Perfetto well passes the test thanks to the premium stainless steel.

Next to it comes the dazzling look, which is the gift of the industry-grade design featuring a tempered glass canopy. Not to ignore, the glass cover is not merely a decorative addition instead, it keeps the filtering mechanism protected from direct dirt.

The motor is sufficiently powerful to pour blowing airforce out. But to keep the sound intensity to the lowest or task-specific, it is designed with a three-speed setting. And you have quieter and efficient exhaust operation in the kitchen. Isn't it practical?

5. Golden Vantage Black Painted Range Hood

Now lets us welcome you with sleek black kitchen exhaust fan. The upside of black color is that the dirt and dust over the surface will be less visible. To add more, the digital touch display creates a sharp contrast with the body unit and buttons get more visible. And when the LED lights are turned on, they not only illuminate the whole kitchen rather, they look starry beautiful.

Apart from the aesthetics of the unit, it fairly competes with the rivals in terms of performance. The motor is powerful but quietly clean the kitchen and neutralize the smelly discomfort.

6. AKDY Wall Mount Tempered Glass Range Hood

This AKDY range hood comes with a powerful motor but engineered to be noiseless and durable. All the factors are what you deem it a perfect solution for your kitchen. In sync with that, a three-speed setting will allow you to pick a preferable fan pace matching your current activities.

And the sensitive touch control makes operation is sheer fun. To your incredible comfort, you can put it into action at a mere finger tap. Therefore, this is a fast and smart control kitchen exhaust and also known as one of the best rated wall mounted range hoods on the market.

What we liked

  • Efficient kitchen cleaning and neutralizing air
  • Sensitive touch control for smart and fast control
  • Warranty statement stands for confident product quality
  • Premium Body and filters for rust-proof durability

What we didn't like

  • Only one customer deny it to be of poorly engineered
  • The clock does not give proper time

Bottom-line: This AKDY wall mounted stainless steel range hood is utterly decorative and resistant to scratch, dent and over-heating. It is recommended for both professional and personal use.

7. Hauslane Chef WM-639 Wall Mount Range Hood

Chef WM-639 range hood is a convertible and so versatile set-up kitchen fan. So if you want to remain with a healthy and fresh kitchen without digging your kitchen walls, you have the chance to go ductless. On par, the multi-speed setting is intelligent engineering to provide necessary airflow at the chosen sound intensity.

The power motor can blow any unhealthy particles out and wipe the most severe odor from the air. Efficiently inline is the baffle filters to trap the grease apart and refine the stinky air to emit back to the kitchen. To add, This Chef series range hood comes with seven different styles and every style comes with both 30 and 36-inch sizes. Click here to see all the styles available on the market.

8. FIREBIRD New European Style Mounted Range Hood

The FIREBIRD New European style range hood comes featured with all the fundamental constructions and advanced designs. The former include the top quality material, silhouette with the euro-chimney on its top, and the baffle filters. To add, the superior style ranges from the incredibly bright led lights, the multi-speed setting, and the sensitive touch panel control.

What is commendable about this best stainless steel range hood is that it is a complete sucker of any unhygienic kitchen particle. On its top, the stinky odor and suffocating cooking steam are refreshed the time they grow. In short, you are always fresh inside your kitchen with this FIREBIRD at your disposal.

9. Cosmo 668AS750 380 CFM Range Hood

Any electronic appliance comes with a concern getting overcharged or overheated. And a heavy-duty appliance like a kitchen exhaust fan is like to fall victim to this. But the Cosmo 668AS750 wall mount range hood at your disposal you never run the said risk. Thanks to the modern wall mounted range hood featured with a timer to switch off at your chosen time when not in use.

The premium material and construction is not to avoid your notice while planning a kitchen appliance. The structure of the Cosmos wall mount is what makes the range hood serve longer without issues.

10. Cavaliere SV218B2 900 CFM Range Hood

Doesn't it sound so alluring that a range hood comes adorned with robust airflow, 6 speed-setting and far quieter than the rival units? Yes, this Cavaliere SV218B2 range hood comes featured with said benefits. Not to exaggerate, you will jump over the product with that much in the offer.

To add more in the queue, the material is commercial-grade 19 gauge stainless steel. So you will go rust-proof and non-magnetic with that properly set-up between the cabinets. And you need not panic about wall mount range hood installation as it is not rocket science.

Thanks to the ceiling height range from 8' to 9' plus that will spare almost no kitchen. For a ceiling higher than 9', you need a chimney extension and that is there to buy separately.

11. DKB 30 Inch. 600 CFM Wall Mounted Range Hood

DKB 30" 600 CFM wall mount kitchen exhaust relieves you of the inconvenience of digging holes onto your loved kitchen walls because it's a convertible one. Thus it will ease your pain on how to install a wall mount range hood to a great extent. Perfectly Inline is the look and modern style that sits in sync with the prevailing appliance folks. Rest assured that it will keep your kitchen and its machines healthy and cleaner. You can go for it now but there is more to amaze and allure you.

The motor will belch a robust surge of air to blow out pollutants and replace the stinky air. To your amusement, the multi-speed setting will break down the speed to choose from matching your specific task. To get clearer, you can operate the fan quieter when you are dining with family and friends. Five different types of this range hood are available on the market those are Mesh filter hood, Halogen lighting, LED lighting, Push button control and touch-sensitive control. Every style is about 30" in size.

12. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 36 Inch. Island Mount Hood

The last review has brought a different type and size of the range hood. But that will no way hamper the main purpose of ventilating and neutralizing your kitchen. Yes, you can swap a wall mount range hood with an island range hood. Without any flip side, you will have 2 lights more than the wall mount type.

But the size too will not require you to reconsider the ceiling height. But this Perfetto 36" range hood will fit under an 8-9' high ceiling.

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How Can You Reach the Best Wall Mount Range Hood?

There are several buying factors to check and cross-check before finally selecting a range hood to install along the wall over the stove. Buying factors are common for every type of range hood that includes the size, power (CFM rating), filter and filtration, control (push button/LCD touch panel), and lighting. But technological advance provides some sophisticated features as selectable speed-setting and charcoal filtration kit. In-depth guidelines on all the said factors are available in any range hood buying suggestion.

That being said, when you are going for wall mount range hood size, power and lighting should get more attention.


Wall mount range hood sits along the wall above the stovetop. Therefore, the size of the target vent hood should go with the available space of the location aimed at is crucial. Moreover, you must consider the ceiling height of your kitchen.

Furthermore, the size of a wall mounts exhaust fan should be in sync with other appliances of the cooking space. All the kitchen extract hoods reviewed in this article represent the best wall mount range hood.

Power (CFM Rating)

Power or CFM rating refers to the capability to move air. The higher the airflow, the more cooking smells and smoke to remove. For a household wall mount range hood, 300-350 CFM can serve the purpose full. While more than that will be an added benefit, the lesser would not make a disservice to the job.

Some of our units are blowing lesser air but eliminate smoke and other tiny substance properly. Conversely, most of the reviewed units reserve more power than suggested here. 


Lighting is an important consideration for wall mount range hood. Being the immediate appliance of the stove, it doesn't require 4 lights like an island range hood. Two bright LED, Fluorescent or Incandescent lights will suffice here.

All the other factors are as crucial as the covered ones but remain the same irrespective of the type of range hood. 

Significant FAQ's

What about cleaning a range hood?

Answer: Cleaning a range hood involves cleaning the body surface and washing the greasy filters. Whereas a dirty and dusty surface can be dealt with a wet and clean cloth, the filters need to be washed with soap detergent. Range hood filters being aluminum or steel are easy to clean.

What is the recommended length of a hood vent?

Answer: Range hood vent or duct is crucial to send the cooking smoke out of the cooking room. Therefore, the shorter and straighter it is, the better. But a duct pipe cannot be too short of falling short of running up to the outer wall from the unit. 50' is the standard length for any range hood vent to take the smoke out of the room.

How can you be definite of your required CFM rating for your target range hood?

Answer: The Home Ventilating institute refers to 40 CFM for single linear feet of your range hood. 36" is the large range hood size, 120 CFM should suffice. But in practical use, 400 CFM works best for wall mount vent hood and 600 CFM is recommended for the island mount one.

Vinegar or water to cut through grease?

Answer: Vinegar is one of the best degreasers to dilute the kind of grease build-up common in range hood filters. But if it is mild and not that age, water will do the job. While vinegar is efficient, it can cause harm to any metal scrap.

What is the job of a range hood damper?

Answer: A damper in a range hood bars is the backdrafts air from getting in the kitchen through ductworks. Thus, how its rule is crucial in keeping the stinky air away from the kitchen.

Final Verdict

Mount location hardly makes any difference in the performance of a range hood. Yet, aesthetics and size play a vital rule in selecting a sophisticated appliance as a kitchen range hood is. Therefore, we have recommended the best wall mounted range hood for you and the last one of the wall mount range hood reviews is an exception.

By any consideration, be it from a reputed brand or for product quality or customer satisfaction, every single unit is the best wall mount range hood in the industry. Have a clean, hygienic and fresh kitchen.

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