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Cavaliere SV218B2 30 Wall Mount Range Hood Review

If you are after a stainless steel wall mount range hood, Cavaliere SV218B2 30 wall mount range hood is the best ventilation appliance for your kitchen. Here meet the performance, intelligent design, and technology that homeowners virtually crave for. Proper ventilation in a quieter machine is the trend now, and the said range hood is no exception in this connection.

So, you need not look for other sources as the Cavaliere SV218B2 rangehood offers you all fundamental services and updated features. Here you go with the feature by feature in-depth analysis for your better understanding of what you are going to have in this sophisticated ventilation hood.

  • 19-gauge premium stainless steel and high-end construction
  • Low-noise (25-56 dB) motor featured with dual-chamber
  • Touch-sensitive LCD
  • Round shaped duct for max airflow
  • 1.2-7 sones sound level
  • Easy to clean metal mesh filters
Cavaliere SV218B2 30 Wall Mount Range Hood

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Wall Mount Range Hood
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 39.6 lbs
  • Max Airflow: 900 CFM
  • Dimensions: 29.5*19.1&43.4 inches
  • Duct Diameter: 6"
  • Number Of Speed: 6
  • Sound Range: 1.2-7 Sones

In Depth Features of Cavaliere SV218B2 30 Range Hood

Why is it a worthy addition to any kitchen? It is what you need for a healthy kitchen. The construction, cleaning efficiency, power delivery, and classy look are available at a price that is a steal. Thus you can make the long story short. But checking out features in detail is mandatory when the question is about taking a home appliance.

Construction and Material

The build quality is far above your anticipation. The 19-gauge brushed stainless steel is what has given the kitchen fan the sturdy physic and stunning look.

Whereas your expectation from an industry-grade range hood is 3/4 years of uninterrupted service, regular caring will ensure lifetime ventilation from CAVA-SV218B2-30.

Credit goes to the quality construction and premium material that has made it look both contemporary and commercial.

Robust Power

The dual-chamber motor is a beast in terms of power for kitchen ventilation. 900 CFM of airflow is far above the required level even for large size kitchen. Therefore, grease, unhealthy airborne particles, and dirt will be scarce if this is at your disposal.

Size and weight

Whereas the weight of a range hood matters little as it remains static all its active life, the size matters a lot. So far wall mount range hood concerns, 30" size is the most common.

Any kitchen can accommodate Cavaliere SV218B2-30 by the side of other kitchen appliances. The 39-pound weight is enough for the wall mount ventilation unit. It should not more than that.

Lighting & LCD Display

To tell of the advanced features of Cavaliere sv218b2, we can start with the touch-sensitive LCD. So operation has gone easy and straightforward.

In line with that, the halogen lights go with this sophistication to flood the entire kitchen with their bright lighting. The only upside of Cavaliere SV218B2 is the blue light that is blinding bright.

Aluminum Mesh Filters

Cavaliere SV218B2-30 parts are all premium quality. The mesh filters are friendly for unbridled airflow. And aluminum being a metal is not a cleaning hassle. You can clean those in a dishwasher with ease and reuse them so long they mean to serve.

Multi-speed Setting and Sound Intensity Range

Fanning noise is a byproduct of increased CFM, and obviously, this unit is no exception. But the 6-speed setting comes to the rescue as you can reduce noise by opting for lower speed. Moreover, the dual-chamber motor itself is quiet, offering a sound level of 25dB-56dB. And you are having 1.2-7 sones of bearable sound range to keep it at your convenient level.

Duct Vent and Chimney

This model features a telescopic chimney fitting up to 9" of the ceiling height. And 6" diameter duct can funnel the fumes and smoke efficiently.

Delay-Off/ Pre-set Shut Down

It can provide you with 30-hour of cleaning. But you can set a timer to shut off when not in use. The auto shut off system will let you set 1-15 minute delay shut off.

Good Sides of Cavaliere SV218B2

  • Designed to develop the cooking environment
  • Efficient in clearing the existing air
  • Huge power to provide with max airflow
  • Quieter motor to discharge low noise
  • Nice look to give your kitchen a facelift and works great

Drawbacks of The Product

  • Switches are not soft-touch and not user-friendly
  • Blinding blue light to irritate the eyes

Recommended Product or Not; Why?

Cavaliere has made a successful combination of superior components and sophisticated technology. This is evident that Cavaliere has developed a good understanding of kitchen space. That is why the ventilation units they bring share the ergonomics, aesthetics, and integrate with the kitchen environment. Therefore, Cavaliere SV218B2 30 stainless steel wall mount range Hood is the best option you should go for.

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