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Ducted vs Ductless Range Hood Comparison

If you are setting a new kitchen or upgrading your old one, the key things you need to consider is the type of range hood you are selecting for your kitchen. Among quite a lot of different options, the ducted or ductless range hood are the most common one. 

So, you might be thinking, ducted vs ductless range hood- which one you should select for your kitchen. But what you are going to pick is mainly depend on the kitchen structure and the allocated budget for your range hood.

Before picking any range hood, you must learn about range hood types and the advantages and disadvantages of the ducted or recirculating range hood. 

So, it’s up to you which one is essential for you to as installing a range hood isn’t a simple task. These kitchen hoods are a bit expensive and give quite a headache to install it.

Ducted vs Ductless Range Hood - Descriptive Guide

A range hood might seem quite gorgeous looking appliance but trust me, it isn’t an easy task to select between a ducted and ductless range hood. So, before picking any of these, don’t forget to check the advantages and disadvantages of the ventilation hood.

What Is A Range hood?

A range hood, also known as exhaust hood or ventilation hood is a device that hands above or your cooktop or stove. It removes the airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, heat and steam from the air and maintains a fresh working environment in the kitchen.

Basically, in the range hood, there is a mechanical fan that keeps the polluted elements out of your kitchen. You can use the push button to turn on or turn off the range hood. The range hood keeps the grease or combustion products away from your kitchen wall or appliance and maintain a clean environment in the kitchen.

In some cases, a range hood now increases the beauty of the kitchen. Some of the range hood now comes with an authentic design and bright lights which undoubtedly increase the attractiveness of the kitchen.

What Is A Ducted Range Hood?

A ducted range hood is one of the most widely used range hoods in the kitchens. Though some kitchen design may limit the installation location as it requires to keep the polluted air out the kitchen. It is highly common nowadays and it must be connected to a duct with pipes that carry the airborne elements away from the kitchen to the outdoors.

If you have any plan to set up a ducted range hood in your kitchen, then you need to have a proper duct installed in your kitchen. That is what differentiates a ducted rangehood from a ductless range hood.

What Is A Ductless Range Hood?

A ductless range hood is popular in urban areas and since they don't require installing any ventilation system, you can smoothly install it anywhere you like. These range hood sucks the polluted air from your kitchen and recycle them and put it back on your kitchen.

So, the efficiency of the range hood mostly depends on the quality of the filers. The advanced filters often contain activated carbon or charcoal which helps to eliminate grease, smoke, steam from the air and put the fresh air back into the kitchen.

The ductless range hood can be installed in the kitchen as well as other areas of your home to maintain a fresh environment. Depending on the filters, you need to clean them twice or more every year. This cleaning and replacement process help you to get the most benefit from your range hood and get an optimal service from it.

Ducted Range Hood's Advantages & Disadvantages

Before picking any ducted range hood, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the range hood. Let's check out some important pros and cons of the ducted range hood.

 Advantages of Ducted Range Hood

  • A ducted range hood is widely found in the home and commercial kitchen because of its ability to generate a large amount of grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke and steam out of the kitchen.
  • It seems to be more efficient as it doesn't filter the humidity or steam; instead, it merely keeps the populated air out of the kitchen and makes room for fresh air.
  • Some of the house owners claimed that their ventilation hood runs more efficiently and quietly than the ductless range hood. However, the efficacy and noise may differ from the brands, size and model you are selecting for your kitchen. If you choose a more prominent and influential rangehood for your kitchen, then obviously it's going to generate more sound than the average size exhaust hood.
  • It requires less maintenance as you don't have to go through the hassle of replacing or cleaning the filter after a couple of months.

Disadvantages of Ducted Range hood

Even though the ducted range hood has some outstanding benefits but it has some drawbacks too. One of the most common drawbacks is, you need to install the range hood where the duct system is installed to keep the polluted air out of the kitchen. It limits the area where you can set up the range hood.

Ductless Range Hood's Advantages & Disadvantages

Like ducted range hood, we are going to discuss some advantages and disadvantages of the ductless range hood. Let's check them out.

Advantages of Ductless Range hood

  • The ductless rangehood is a bit adaptable when it comes to set up the range hood because you can easily install it anyplace you want. They don't require any ventilation system installed in your kitchen.
  • The ductless rangehood is more convenient in the installation. Some of the advanced ductless rangehood contains programmable timer to turn on or turn off the range hood

Disadvantages of Ducted Range hood

  • There is no good without evil and it also has proven right in case of the ductless range hood. As the ductless range hood mainly recycles the air, so there remains a bit chance that the whole air is not fully recycled. Besides, some house owners complained that they generate quite loud noise while recycling the air.
  • As the ductless range hood use filters to remove the airborne elements, so you need to replace the filters after a couple of months. Replacing them is quite a bit hassle and not cheap also.

So, Ducted Or Ductless - Which one should you buy?

After reading the ductless range hood vs ducted range hood comparison, you might think which one should be ideal for you. It entirely depends on your choice only as both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. But in my suggestion, if your kitchen already has a ventilation system installed, then don't you think it's wiser to pick the ducted range hood? It may limit the setup area but these are obviously more efficient and quieter.

Besides, it requires less effort to maintain the range hood. But if your range hood doesn't have a ventilation system installed or you are not satisfied with the setup area of the ducted system, then you can select the ductless ventilation system. 

Final Consideration

A Range hood is one of the critical gadgets in your kitchen and installing the range hood is not so simple. Though ducted range hoods are more efficient ductless range hoods are easier to install.

Thus, the commercial kitchen could get more benefit from the ducted range hood but in the case of household kitchens, both of them works pretty well. So, you are the only one to decide, ducted vs ductless range hood- which is best for you.

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