How to Choose a Range Hood for Your Kitchen

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Range hood is one of the essential appliances for any kitchen. If you ever have to turn off the smoke alarm, then I don't have to tell the importance of this appliance. But if you don't have any previous experience, then it would be difficult for a beginner to know how to choose a range hood.

Before guiding you on the way of buying a range hood, I must tell you that each customer has their own preference, and the definition of perfection is also different from their point of view.

So, how to pick a range hood depends on the consumer, and they have to select it considering some factors like cost, outlook, noise level, and so on. So, without wasting your valuable time, let me help you to choose a range hood.

How to Choose a Range Hood Range Hood Buying Guide

These are the key things that you need to keep in mind, and these factors will help you to know how to buy a range hood.

Consider Your Kitchen Layout

There  are different types of range hood available, and you have to select a rangehood considering the size and which range hood suites best for your kitchen. Though most of the kitchens equipped with the under-cabinet range hood, if your cooktop is in the middle of the kitchen, then it might not be a suitable option for you.

Just like that, before selecting any range hood, analyze your kitchen structure, and depending on your kitchen layout, choose the best option for you.

Small kitchen Layout.

Small kitchen Layout. (Source:

Depending on your kitchen layout, a range hood can be mounted on the wall, installed under the cabinet, or installed in the middle of the kitchen. However, don't select a rangehood that consumes all the space of your kitchen.

Spacious kitchen Layout.

Spacious kitchen Layout. (Source:

Power of Range hood

Power is perhaps the most critical factor, and generally, the powerful range hood has proven more efficient. If you have a small kitchen and don't do many fries and heavy cooking, then a less powerful range hood may work for you.

But those who are blessed with a spacious kitchen and prefer heavy dishes, then go for a powerful ventilation hood. It will simply absorb all the smoke, toxic gas, smell, and other elements when you are done with cooking.

If your kitchen has a gas stove, then the range hood must have to be at least 100 CFM for 10000 BTU of gas output. For better understanding about range hood CFM calculation read this article:

Range hood Cost

No matter what you are planning to buy, budget is a big issue. There are different types of range hoods, and the island range hood and the wall-mounted range hood are the most expensive type. On the other hand, the under-cabinet range hood generally comes at an affordable price. The price of the range hood depends on certain variables like power, size, and other luxury features.

A range hood can cost between 100 to a couple of thousand dollars with the installation cost. Different types of range hoods have different installation processes, and that's why consumers think twice before replacing a rangehood.

If you don't have a big budget for your range hood, then go for the simple models. There are several models in the market where you don't get a fancy outlook, but they will their job correctly.

Consider Outlook Of Your Kitchen

Who doesn't like to present their kitchen attractively? Those who prefer to have a luxurious kitchen and willing to spend an enormous amount of money; can certainly buy an authentic-looking range hood.

 Kitchen Outlook

Consider How your kitchen looks like after installing the Rangehood you Prefer!

Most of the island kitchen hood and wall mounted range hood add extra value on the look of your kitchen, and because of that, they cost more. Some of the consumers ever prefer a custom range hood, and this range hood surely costs more. But they are equipped with all the features and look the customer desire.

But some of us don't give much concern on the outlook and just keep the job done. They mostly go for the under-cabinet range hood, and these are cheaper than the island or wall mounter range hoods.

Noise Level

Most of the rangehood in the market is quite loud, and the noise level gradually increases on their maximum settings. But some of the brands put extra efforts to reduce the noise level and keep them tolerable.

If you are planning to purchase the ventilation hood online, then customer review is the only option to know how loud is it going to sound. On the other hand, if you have the chance to visit a showroom, then you can compare different models and test the sound level first hand.

As everyone prefers the quiet models, that's why the price of them is much higher than average range hoods. Make sure that your range hood doesn't make an unbearable sound that it becomes difficult to work. Try to select a range hood that has a maximum 5-Sones Sound Level.

Ventilation System

There are two types of ventilation systems available, and those are the ducts that move air outside or the ductless, and it recycles all the air they take to remove the smoke and other toxic elements as much as possible. Though ducted range hoods are more efficient, then the ductless but these have much more installation cost than the ductless range hoods.

Diagram of an experimental ventilation system

Those who live in apartments and if they don't have an existing ventilation system installed or don't have permission to install a ventilation system, in that case, the ductless range hood is the only solution for them.

One of the downsides of the ductless systems is, the filter needed to replaced regularly and need to clean your range hood regularly.  

Consider Fan Speeds

Most of the range hood brands offer a variety of fans. As we already know, the noise level becomes higher at the maximum settings. That's why they offer different settings to make the range hood more efficient. Try to buy a range hood that offers multiple fan settings. So that you can control it according to your requirements.

Installation and maintenance

This is also an important thing that you need to consider before finalizing any rangehood. Different type of range hood requires different kinds of installation process. Some of them are very simple, and often you don't have to hire a professional to install the range hood.

While some are critical installation process and without professional support, installing them becomes very difficult. So, if possible, try to buy a range hood that won't require professional help. In that case, you can save this money and spend it somewhere else.

However, no matter what types of range hood you are buying, all of them require regular maintenance; otherwise, it won't last for long. Generally, the Ductless rangehood systems require regular cleaning and replacing the filter after a couple of months.

On the other hand, the initial installation cost of the ducted range hoods may be higher, but in the long run, they have proven very efficient.

Other features

Nowadays, modern range hoods come with some advanced features that make the ventilation hood a multipurpose appliance. Some of the brands offer energy-efficient LED, remote controlling system, Automatic Shutoff, Heat Sensors, and so on. While purchasing the range hood, you can keep in mind about these features and truest me these features make the rangehood easier to operate.

Must see the following video before buying your range hood

The Final Opinions Before Buying

Rangehood is undoubtedly one of the most important appliances in our kitchen. But before buying this, you need to make sure that it fulfills all your requirements. There are hundreds of models in the market who are selling thousands of different models. So, if you are not sure, take your time to find your desired rangehood.

I hope after reading this article, you understand what the key things you need to consider are, and you have a clear concept about how to choose a range hood.

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