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How To Choose A Range Hood for Your Kitchen [Buying Guide]

A range hood is an essential kitchen appliance to maintain kitchen hygiene. Turn off the smoke alarm and I don't have to tell you the importance of this appliance. However, mere awareness of the urgency of a range hood will not get you to the right kitchen unit required in your setup.

There are several considerations to ponder over before voting in favor of the winner kitchen range hood that can ably preside over your kitchen health—learning about them in-depth will better answer how to choose a range hood for your kitchen. 

There is nothing to worry about if you run a hectic schedule; we have done the leg work and present a meticulous guide on ending up with the winner exhaust hood. Read on now in detail.

Here you meet the key things that you need to keep in mind that will help you make a good exhaust fan bargain. To give an outline, picking a range hood successfully is determined by factors like kitchen layout, size, cost, outlook, noise level, and so on. So, without bragging about it, let us examine the said factors one by one.

Consider Your Kitchen Layout

You will come by different types of range hood in the stores and you have to select the right one considering the size and which one suits best for your kitchen exterior. As for kitchen equipment, a kitchen cabinet is the most widely used one and the best option in this case would be the under cabinet range hood.

However, for a cooktop put in the middle of the kitchen, the most suitable option would be the island range hood. And go for the wall-mounted one when you have neither a kitchen cabinet nor an island cooktop.

Just like that, before selecting any type, analyze your kitchen structure and layout to reach the best option for your cooking zone.

So, depending on your kitchen layout, a range hood can be mounted on the wall, installed under the cabinet, or installed in the middle of the kitchen. However, don't select one that consumes much of the space in the kitchen as you need space for several other kitchen appliances to add.

Small kitchen Layout.

Small Kitchen Layout. (Source:

To be specific, an accepted rule goes that the available space between the cooktop and the hood should not be less than 24-30 inches. Otherwise, it will cause a ventilating issue as the hood farther than that would show reduced efficiency and closer more than that will eat away the cooktop headspace.

Spacious kitchen Layout.

Spacious kitchen Layout. (Source:

Consider Power

Power is perhaps the most critical factor, and generally, the powerful one has proven more efficient. However, if you have a small kitchen and don't do many fries and heavy cooking, then a less powerful range hood may work for you.

But those who are blessed with a spacious kitchen and prefer heavy dishes can go for a powerful one. It will simply absorb all the smoke, toxic gas, smell, and other elements when you are done with cooking.

If your kitchen has a gas cooktop, the range hood must have to be at least 100 cubic feet for 10000 BTU of gas output.

Consider Range Hood Price

No matter what you are planning to buy, budget is a big issue. There are different types of range hoods, and the island range hood and the wall-mounted range hood are the most expensive type. On the other hand, the under-cabinet range hood generally comes at an affordable price. The price depends on certain variables like power, size, and other luxury features.

A range hood can cost between 100 to a couple of thousand dollars with the installation cost. Different types have different installation processes, and that's why homemakers think twice before replacing.

If you don't have a big budget for your range hood, go for the simple models. There are several models in the market where you don't get a fancy outlook, but they will perform their job up to your satisfaction.

Consider Outlook of Your Kitchen

Who doesn't like to furnish their kitchen gorgeously? Those who prefer to have a luxurious kitchen and willing to spend an enormous amount of money; can certainly buy an exclusive and high-end range hood. As for the exterior look, range hoods with glass canopy, polished and shiny coating on the metal exterior, LED lights and touch control display will add up to the kitchen aesthetic.

Most of the island kitchen hood and the wall-mounted range hood add extra value to the look of your kitchen, and because of that, they are a bit pricier. Some homemakers prefer a custom range hood, and this surely costs more. But they come equipped with attractive features and inspire an amused glance from the onlookers.

But some of us don't give much thought to the outlook and just get the job done casually. They mostly go for cheaper alternatives that cost dearly in the long run. This guide will give a hand to equip with the knowledge to afford to be the best looking kitchen fan in your budget. 

 Kitchen Outlook

Consider How your kitchen looks like after installing the Rangehood you Prefer!

Consider Noise Level

Most of the range hoods in the market are quite loud, and the noise level gradually increases with the selection of higher speed settings. But the reputed brands put extra effort into reducing the noise level and keep them tolerable even at the max speed selection.

If you are planning to purchase online, then customer review is the most crucial option not to slip by. They will teach you every bit of where the unit goes strong and where weak. On the other hand, if you have the chance to visit a showroom, then you can compare different models and test the sound level first hand. So, without further ado, run the fan to check the sound level before making the ultimate decision.

As everyone prefers quiet models, the price of them is much higher than the average range hoods. Ensure that the exhaust hood you have taken doesn't make an unbearable sound that it becomes difficult to work. Try to select the one that has a maximum of 5-Sones Sound Level.

Another technical factor to check at the time of purchase is the airflow direction and spread. For a check, run the fan in the showroom to see the direction and spread of the airflow. 

Experts opine that the preferable model or unit should draw the air towards the edge or perimeter rather than moving the air across the room. By circulating air across the room, the airflow speed will reduce while it will create higher sound.

Ventilation System

There are two types of ventilation systems available, and those are the ducts that move the stale air outside and the ductless, that recycle all the air they take to remove the smoke and other toxic elements before releasing it back in the kitchen. Though ducted range hoods are more efficient than ductless, the former will cost you dearly in installation than the ductless range hoods. In addition, you cannot install a ducted range hood without a professional expert that may claim a considerable amount.

Those who live in apartments and if they don't have an existing ventilation system installed or don't have permission to install a ventilation system, in that case, the ductless option is the only solution for them.

One of the downsides of ductless systems is, the filter needs to be replaced regularly, and you need to clean your range hood frequently.

Consider Fan Speeds

Most of the brands offer a variety of fans. As we already know, the noise level becomes higher at the maximum speed settings. That's why they offer different settings to make the range hood more efficient so that you can run at the required speed but keep the noise level low. Try to buy a range hood that offers multiple fan settings. Thus, you can control it according to your requirements.

Fan speed is measured by CFM rating referring to "Cubic Feet Per Minute". Now, the question is how to know what amount of CFM is necessary for your kitchen. For that to know, you have to find out the exact size of your kitchen room. That is not that tough to know; just multiply the width and length of the room with the height from floor to ceiling of the kitchen.

Now, if your fan has the max speed setting of 1000 CMF, it can keep a 10*10*10 cft kitchen clean and fresh at ease. For a better understanding of range hood CFM calculation read this article:

Installation and maintenance

Many think that installation and maintenance is a post-purchase concern and plays no rule in choosing the unit. This is a misnomer and you make a blunder if you think like that. Here you know why.

Different types require different installation processes. Some of them are very simple, and often you don't have to hire a professional to install the range hood.

While some are critical installation processes and without professional support, installing them becomes very difficult. So, if possible, try to buy a range hood that won't require professional help. In that case, you can save this money and spend it somewhere else.

However, no matter what types you are buying, all of them require regular maintenance; otherwise, they won't last for long. Generally, the Ductless systems require regular cleaning and replacing the filter after a couple of months.

On the other hand, the initial installation cost of the ducted range hoods may be higher, but in the long run, they have been proven to be very efficient and render hassle-free service over extended periods. Thus they are cost-effective in the long term.

Note: Though, range hood installation is a bit tough for an unprofessional, but it's not impossible at all. That's why we discovered easy installation process for homeowners so that they can do the procedure themselves. Let's visit the following installation guides for different types.

Trendy features

Nowadays, the modern range hood comes with some advanced features that make the kitchen ventilation hood a multipurpose appliance. Some of the brands offer energy-efficient LED, remote controlling systems, Automatic Shutoff, Heat Sensors, and so on. While purchasing the range hood, you consider these features that make the rangehood easier to operate and add to your convenience.

Cooking is fun but lack of convenient appliances can invite fatigue and you can go bored and exhausted in a while. That is why the trendy features that increase comfort and convenience should be given serious consideration even if they add a bit up to the cost. 


You know, Rang hood is undoubtedly one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. But it may prove best for you or serve you the best only when you buy the right unit for your kitchen.

There are hundreds of brands and they are selling thousands of different models in the market. That may create a camouflage to put a bar between you and the unit you require. But our well-researched and in-depth guide will come to your rescue. Therefore, if you are not sure, take your time to read this guide to reach your desired pick.

We are sure this will make you better understand the key things you need to consider and how to choose a range hood for your kitchen.

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