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Best Kenmore Microwave Reviews of 2021 – Top 7 Models Compared

Microwave is most probably one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century. Kenmore is a top-notch's kitchen appliance providing company over the 100 years. Good to know more that is growing with popularity for the Kenmore Stainless Steel Microwave. Kenmore microwave reviews can help a user to get the best suitable countertop microwave.

Kenmore microwave oven is the most efficient device for heating and defrosting foods with a new performance level. At the same time, it is space and time-saving. It can maintain the consistency of your requirements process. Because of being accessible to the near 1 million American people, this brand gives priorities to product development.

We are going to discuss the top seven elegant collections of Kenmore microwave oven. If you don't want to miss special something, then we would say to have a look at the fantastic ovens.

7 Best Kenmore Microwave Oven Overview

Kenmore 70913 Countertop Microwave Oven

 Editor’s Choice 

Motor power: 900-watt, Capacity power: 0.7 cu. And 0.9 cu. Ft, Material: stainless-steel, Power setting number: 10, One-touch option: 12, Warranty: 1-year

Our Rating
 Kenmore 70919 0.9 CFT Microwave

Affordable Pick

Motor power: 900-watt, Capacity power: 0.9 cu. Ft, Material: stainless-steel, Power setting number: 10, One-touch option: 12, Installation type: countertop, Maximum cooking time: (min.) – 99

Our Rating
Kenmore 70923 Compact Microwave Oven

Multiple Colored Pick  

Motor power: 900-watt, Capacity power: 0.7 And 0.9 cu. Ft, Material: stainless-steel, Power setting number: 10, Fast cooking time: 1-6 minutes, Installation type: a countertop, Voltage: 120 volts.

Our Rating
 Kenmore 71313 1.3 CFt Microwave

Auto Sensor System

Motor power: 1100-watt, Capacity power: 1.3  cu. Ft, Material: stainless-steel, Power setting number: 10, One-touch program: 9, Installation type: a countertop

Our Rating
Kenmore 75652 1.2 CFT Microwave

Ultra lightweight Pick

Motor power: 1100-watt, Capacity power: 1.2  cu. Ft, Material: stainless-steel,  Installation type: a countertop

Our Rating
Kenmore 76983 1.6 CFT Microwave

For Fastest Cooking

Motor power: 1100-watt, Capacity power: 1.6 cu. Ft, Material: stainless-steel,  Installation type: a countertop

Our Rating
Kenmore 79399 2.2 CFT  Microwave

Larger Model

Motor power: 1000.0 -watt, Capacity power: 2.2 cu. Ft, Material: stainless-steel,  Installation type: a countertop, Maximum Power setting: 10

Our Rating

Top 7 Kenmore Microwave Reviews

To write any review, we need to research much for listing the right products. Very recently, we have sorted out top quality Kenmore microwave oven based on our research. So, here are the Kenmore microwave reviews, we are writing on the top microwave oven list which we have found during research on this brand.

1. Kenmore 70913 Countertop Microwave – Editor’s Choice

Kenmore 70913 is one of the best-selling countertop microwave ovens of Kenmore brand. Because of the most compacted design with excessive benefits, it is our first choice. In this model, the black, white, and stainless-steel color oven are available.

Within its great features, the auto-defrost mode, a turntable tray for more natural food Recessed, and the quick-heating function is more attractive. There are two different sizes 0.9 cu.ft and 0.7 cu.ft are available in this model. It is suitable for a college dorm room, office kitchen and small apartments.

It is lighter in weight of 25.8 pounds microwave mainly designed for small space on the countertop. And overall measurement is 14.5 x 18.3 x 11 inches in respective length, width and height—available black, white and steel color. Most importantly, all of the oven in this model comes with high-quality stainless-steel materials.

  • The diamond cavity heating system maintains the heat consistency
  • 900-watt power is quite useful for both small and abundant food.
  • Compacted design to fit with a variety of foods
  • Automatic defrost mode for weight and time
  • Rarely, we notice a crackling and sparking noises which are annoying.

Kenmore is good enough to get you out of the traditional guesswork with its one-touch simplicity and ensure more accurate cooking. You can add a new spark of joy in the kitchen with it.

2. Kenmore 70919 0.9 CFT Microwave – Affordable Pick

Are you fond of black color and love to do your cooking with an efficient countertop microwave oven? Then Kenmore 70919 is for your convenience. Moreover, it is a reliable model for the thousands of American people made of stainless-steel materials. 

It seems to be a black beauty in the kitchen. Remember, you won't get another color option in this model. This is a great device for everyday cooking, dinner defrosting, and making pizza, popcorn, or potatoes. Most importantly, it will perfectly suit both small and large spaces of apartments, office kitchen, and college canteen.

Good to know the details specifications of these products. Firstly, come to the measurement. The interior space is 14.5 x 17.7 x 11 inches and the 18.3W x 11H x 14.5D. The weight is a little bit more than the casual brand 28.7 pounds. Only black color available and the material is quality stainless-steel.

  • The convenient timer, clock and the lock for safety
  • Up to 10-setting including one-touch system
  • The quick time selection mechanism
  • Accuracy in multiple cooking
  • The invisible control button on the black display

Considering all amenities, we strongly suggest this microwave oven. If you would like to save your time and labor, then it is best for you.

3. Kenmore 70923 Compact Microwave Multiple Colored

Are you looking for a countertop microwave with multiple colors and unlimited programming features? Then there is no best alternative than Kenmore 70923 model. As it comes with a luxurious design and plays a vital role inefficiency.

You don't need to think about the space because of its compacted small size. Besides, the four engaging colors make you impress during the cook.

Luckily, it has both 0.7 cu. Ft and 0.9 cu. Ft sizes. Though the motor power and power are similar it still different for another aspect.

Kenmore makes respectively black, stainless-steel, red, and white color in this model. At the same time, it has 31.6 pounds weight, and the overall measurement is 14.3 x 20.3 x 12.8 inches. Remember, the construction material is steel.

  • The 0.7 and 0.9 cu. ft features and Several colors choosing the option
  • Preset cooking program and safety lock system
  • Quicker defrost and 1-6 minutes quick-cooking option
  • The bright display is helpful for smooth operation
  • Turntable, removable glass, and clock timer
  • We didn't get the appropriate "add 30 seconds" button. It was disappointing to me.

For extending benefits, this countertop microwave has raised its value over after years. So, we eagerly want to recommend this for your best cooking work.

4. Kenmore 71313 1.3 Cu.Ft Microwave – Auto Sensor System

Kenmore 71313 brings good news for the big family or them who need a larger microwave oven. The food holding power is comparatively more than regular countertop oven, and it comes with excellent motor power. At the same time, it has a unique feature of the sensor system to help you to get rid of waiting until the cook is complete.

Because of uniqueness and stylish design, it gains a reputation for making fast food within a short time. Remember that it arrives with black color with a steel color front design. But the weight is comparatively more than other models.

It is a little bit heavier of 35.5 pounds, which arrives with a complete 15.4 x 21.3 x 12.1 inches measurement. The construction material is the usual stainless-steel and has a black color with a steel color border. Also, this model gained a certification on "frustration-free" which is quite a good sign for a product.

  • An automatic switch-off system with sensor technology
  • The built-in preset sensor system
  • Larger internal space with a powerful motor
  • A reliable certification ensures the product quality
  • The heavier weight of this oven even the door too

If you need to cook most of the time, defrost and heat a large amount of food together, then go with this model. We are sure from our research on the real user; this is the best one for the larger family.

5. Kenmore 75652 1.2 CFT Microwave Ultra lightweight Pick

If you love to get an extra-ordinary Kenmore countertop microwave reviews with the best benefits, we suggest trying this Kenmore 75652 for enjoying extending benefits. Surprisingly it is much lighter and countertop style.

Besides, there will be other regular features. It can help you to cook several delicious foods in a hurry. Because of ultra-lightweight, it is growing fast with popularity.

Specification of products refers to the overall product quality. So, you need to know that this model arrives with only 10 pounds weight, and the total measurement is 17.7 x 21.2 x 11.8 inches. When it comes to the color, it has one shade of white, but the first color is black with a black display.

  • Multiple cooking functions and the timer system
  • Cooking preset mechanism with a transparent display
  • White glossy color and perfection cooking
  • Convenient and space-saving countertop design.
  • The small size of keypad letter challenging to see properly

It is a worthy choice for a medium and larger size busy family who needs to make their dinner or breakfast in a hurry. It is also suitable for people who love the lighter device.

6. Kenmore 76983 1.6 CFT Microwave For Fastest Cooking

Kenmore 76983 is another most attractive model of Kenmore elite microwave review on the countertop microwave oven. The best feature of this model that it comes with more massive than 1.3 cu. Ft food-bearing power as well as all other regular features

It is respectively saving your space and time. Similarly, ensure a quick defrosting, and cooking. The interior space is very spacious, with 1.6 cu—Ft capacity. Besides, its aesthetic look and compacted features are suitable for almost all of the kitchens.

To facilitate your understanding, we are speaking individually about internal and external measurements. The interior space is 11.1 - 12.5 x 21.1 – 22 inches for respectively height and width. On the other hand, the external size is 12.24x 21.77x 18.50 Inches for respective height, width, and depth. Keep in mind that it is comparatively more massive of 37.92 Pounds. It is available in stainless-steel color, and the build material is quality steel.

  • Spacious interior space for cooking verities of foods
  • Best motor power and capacity to cook several foods
  • Multiple presets mechanism which allows different cooking food
  • Built-in timer and transparent display
  • The more massive weighted countertop microwave oven

It is a worthy choice according to the advantages and comparisons of other models. Moreover, the user satisfaction review expresses its effectiveness. You can go with this model.

7. Kenmore 79399 2.2 CFT  Microwave – Larger Model

We can't leave to share Kenmore oven reviews on the most massive Kenmore countertop microwave oven. If there have additional cooking pressure in your home or most of the family members are too busier to cook, then Kenmore 79399 2.2 CFT Black Countertop great solution for you. You are getting a sensor mechanism for reheat and cooking.

Although the defrosting method has no sensor option. Remember that you need enough space in your kitchen countertop to set it up. At the same time, it is a bit heavier about 36 pounds. But in terms of efficiency and durability, this product is best for a large family.

It is a black color stainless-steel microwave oven from Kenmore brand, which has 14.20 x 24.70 x 20.70" dimension and 36.4 pounds weight. The construction material is quality stainless-steel. Besides and the more extensive LED display is also including with it. In addition, the one-touch option can make your cooking process.

  • Effective Sensor system for reheating and cooking
  • The one-touch option for quick start of the device
  • Rotating turntable and up to 10 settings method for different foods
  • A more comfortable operating control panel system
  • The inverter technology
  • The price is higher than another regular Kenmore microwave oven

It is best according to customer opinion without one excellent con. We believe you will be satisfied if you select this one from the largest size of the Kenmore microwave oven.

Buying Info Relating to Kenmore Microwave

A perfect buying guide can mostly reduce your confusion and increase the confidence to buy an appropriate Kenmore countertop microwave oven. Here we would say some specific factors to think so that your investment doesn't go in a failed project. Kenmore believes in a satisfied customer. So, it produces each device with unique features. We recommend thinking and analyzing the following factors before making a final decision.

Microwave oven size

Luckily, you will get a small, medium, and a larger proportion of countertop oven in Kenmore brand. In the time of size choosing, think first about your kitchen spaces. If you have enough space to set up a larger oven, then go with the medium or most massive microwave.

In terms of a small kitchen, we suggest not to choose the larger model. At the same time, size depends on the heavier or lighter cooking. When you have a large family, a larger or at least medium size oven is excellent because a small family won't need a bigger size oven.


The microwave performance mainly depends on its capacity power. Generally, a better position can bear a more massive cooking load. But a minimum size is enough for the small family. We suggest choosing 0.7 cu. Ft, and 0.9 cu. Ft for a smaller family.

Similarly, the 1.2, 1.3 cu. Ft will work best for medium sizes family. If you are looking for an oven to use in a large family, then I would say to use the 1.6 cu. Ft or the largest size of 2.2 cu. Ft in size. So, choose the oven capacity as your needs. 

Motor Power

Motor power is another thing of this buying guide. Statistics say that 900-watt motor power is an honor for the best efficiency. But Kenmore provides 900, 1000, and 1100 wattage for a countertop oven. You can choose 900 watts or more than this. Try to leave the oven with less than 900-watt motor power.


It mainly depends on your interests. Then I would say select the black or stainless-steel color. Both of these colors will look glossier than other colors.


Is Kenmore a reliable microwave oven?

Answer: Yes! It is reliable for thousands of American people. Even though the price is a little bit high but great for the evenly cook and defrosting foods. The turntable rotating mechanism makes this process easier. And easier to clean and operate.

How long does Kenmore Microwaves last?

Answer: Kenmore microwave oven is the most reliable for several years, and it can long-last about 9 to 10 years for maximum cases. At the same time, it is a sophisticated device, so you can't so much take care of it without proper cleaning or being soft to opening and closing the oven door.

Final Verdict

In this Kenmore microwave reviews, we have tried our best to introduce you with almost all the best models of Kenmore microwave oven. You will get their different color choosing option and individual capacities.

We believe it will be helpful for you. If you need the best one, you can recheck the reviews. If this post is useful, then you can share it with your friends and family.

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