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Finding 10 Must Have Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Cooking

We all know that cooking at home is better than eating at a restaurant. Generally, average restaurant meals serve up 1200 calories, and which is undoubtedly not good for health. Besides, you might be spending less on take out, fast food or ready to eat meals, but you are doing long-term damage to your body.

That's why you need some encouragement to get back in the kitchen and prepare healthy food for you and your family. To make the job easy for you, we have rounded some of the essential kitchen appliances for healthy cooking.

10 Best Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Cooking

These top ten kitchen appliances will help you to bring you back the joy of cooking and keep you healthy. Some of them will inspire you to drink fresh juice or veggies, while others will help you to prep meals with fewer oils and carbs.

1. Instant Pot

Slow cookers have been around for decades, and it serves excellent when you're cooking for others or just preparing for the week ahead. Though a slow cooker is a great cooking appliance, still it requires to toss in ingredients and turn on, and the slow cooker still requires hours of cooking time.

But in that case, the instant cooker radically increases the cooking speed, and you don't have to worry about losing any nutrients.

That's why whenever we consider the healthy cooking appliances, Instant pot listed on the top.

You will be surprised to know that; it only takes less than a couple of hours to make the richest gelatin.

Instant Pot

Even you can expect a perfectly cooked whole chicken in less than half an hour. Isn't it surprising? It is a multi-functional cooker that works as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, and rice cooker.

2. Range Hood

It is one of those appliances that are not directly connected with cooking, but for ensuring hygiene, range hood plays an important role.

You must be thinking why this is so important, right? A range hood basically sucks all the steam, smoke, odors, and maintain a fresh environment in the kitchen.

We think you already understand to cook healthy food; you have to ensure the hygiene of the kitchen first.

Wall Mount Range Hood

There are two types of range hood available, and those are ducted and ductless exhaust hood. If you don't have a preinstalled ventilation system, then you can look into the ductless hood.

So, if you are planning to redecorate or setting up your kitchen, then installing a range rood is a prerequisite to healthy cooking.

3. Blender

If you like fresh juice or smoothies, then you will definitely need a blender for your kitchen.

Apart from making juice and smoothies, making creamy smooth sauces, perfect mashed cauliflower or potatoes, and all manner of soups are unthinkable without blenders.

So, if you are going to buy a blender for your kitchen, then make sure that it features a powerful motor to blend in seconds.


4. Portable Cooktops

If you are thinking about cooking something for your family, then you will definitely need a portable cooking stove. Apart from its portability, it's easy to clean, efficient, and most importantly, features instant heating.

Besides, you can use this in your dorm rooms, home kitchen, RV, or even on boats. Most of the portable cooktops featured a LED display, which makes it effortless to operate the cooktop. It is compact and doesn't require much space.

Portable cooktop cooking

Apart from that, most of the cooktop models are equipped with multiple safety features. So, if you are looking forward to kitchen appliances for healthy cooking, you should not miss the portable cooktop.

5. Nonstick Waffle Maker

Waffles are too delicious to relegate, and most of the time, we found our way in a restaurant to have a good waffle. But waffles are easy to make if you have an excellent Non-stick Waffle Maker, and you can even customize them according to your choice.

There are a variety of waffle makers available, and if you are planning to buy one, then don't forget to do some research on them.

Waffle makers are easy to clean and effortless to operate, and you don't have to go to a restaurant to have a waffle.

You can have a healthy waffle in minutes if you are blessed with a Non-stick Waffle Maker.

Nonstick Waffle Maker

A good Non-stick Waffle Maker comes with some essential features like indicator lights, timer, and control temperature Adjustments, and so on.

6. Microwave

Whether you want to have a cup of coffee or a plate of pasta, you will need a Microwave. It is popular to work quickly and heat your food thoroughly. It can heat food and cook food simultaneously.

There are several types of microwaves available, and among them, countertop microwaves are pretty popular. Some of the popular microwave models are Panasonic, Toshiba, Whirlpool, Magic Chef, etc.


Microwave is easy to use and effortless to operate. It can effectively do your job and leave you much time to spare. Besides, you can cook some of the delightful food with the help of the microwave. Moreover, food cooked by a microwave oven is more nutritious than that of other conventional cooking methods.

7. Coffee Maker

If you are a regular coffee drinker, then you will find your kitchen incomplete without a proper coffee maker. Whether you start your day or having a rough working day, you will need a cup of coffee.

There are various types of coffee makers available, and each of them tests differently.

Where drip coffee makers are easy to use and comes at an affordable price tag, the Thermal Coffee Makers Keep coffee hot without "cooking" it as it sits.

Coffee Maker

On the other hand, Espresso machines can be expensive, but you can have a great espresso. So, depending on your taste, you should select your coffee maker.

8. Cast iron skillet

You may have to use some extra oil or few pads or butter to grease the skillet, which may add you some extra unnecessary calories. You may also think a nonstick also does the same job, and you don't have to consume all those calories.

But nonstick cookware can potentially release cancer-causing toxins into your food, which may have a greater effect than adding some extra calories.

We are not telling to entirely forgoing nonstick cookware, but if there is a safer alternative available, then don't you think it is wise to choose it?

Cast iron skillet

Cast iron skillet is durable and long-lasting, and if you know the right process, then cleaning them won't be an issue. Some of the delicious recipes required cast iron skillet to cook. So, you should have a cast-iron skillet on your kitchen equipment list.

9. Mini Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple of any frugal cook's pantry. It is one of those must-have kitchen appliances as cooking rice without a rice cooker is a time-consuming job.

Think about how many times you have to check whether the rice is boiled correctly or not, or dried out without enough liquid. It takes time, so you have to wait to cook your other meals.

Mini Rice Cooker

A rice cooker can simply eliminate all of these obstacles, and comes with precise measurements that are plainly marked on the cooking vessel, so there is no guesswork involved. You can even cook your other meals knowing that it will cook your rice right of time.

Besides, you even have your precious burner free to cook your other meals. It is easy to use, and you have to press the "Ok" button to start the cooking process. So, we think it's one of the healthy cooking appliances you must have.

10. Kitchen knife

You can expect to do your daily cooking if your kitchen doesn't have a sharp cutting knife. If you ask any professional chef that they were stranded on a desert island and could only carry one kitchen tool, they will probably pick their kitchen knife.

German knife and Japanese knife are the two popular categories of a kitchen knife.

Kitchen Knife

No matter which type of knife you are comfortable working with, make sure it is equipped with a razor-sharp blade that can slice and dice everything with less effort.

It makes the job effortless and less time-consuming. However, don't forget to check whether the knife designed to work for rightists and lefties or not.

Final Verdict

These are some of the kitchen appliances that you may need most to prepare healthy food. You may already use some of the appliances. However, you may need some other appliance as well, such as Herb scissor, baking mats, Pineapple Corer, and so on. Even if you are not an expert cook, these appliances will make sure you get healthy and tasteful food.

These appliances are easy to use, and you can have healthier food prepared in your home within a short time. Lastly, We tried our best to make the list of 10 Must Have Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Cooking. Don't forget to comment if we missed something or you think we should add some more.

Note: If you live in a tiny house you may checked these tiny house appliances which our researchers sorted out earlier. 

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