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The 5 Best Proline Range Hood Recommendation In 2022

Let's start with clues about what these 5 Proline range hood reviews will tell you.

The kitchen is the crucial spot in your home that you should keep the most careful about. To provide healthy food, it is crucial for the kitchen to remain healthy and fresh.

That is why you need an appliance like a range hood that may ensure a healthy, fresh, and clean cooking space. Yes, a top-quality range hood blows the smoke, dirt, and grease out of the kitchen and thus ensures you a clean and hygienic kitchen. These 5 best Proline range hoods from a reputed appliance manufacturer offer you the top-rated kitchen units to add to the beauty and maintain kitchen hygiene.

As for the brand, Proline is one of those brands which make quality products, long-lasting and easy to maintain on top of keeping the cooking spot healthy and fresh. They also provide extra care to keep the noise as low as possible.

Read on to learn more about the 5 best proline range hoods.

"It is an amazing exhaust hood with a couple of attractive features. It is compact and does its job quite well with the help of quality baffle filter and superb sound level; that's why we keep it at the top of our list."

Best for Spacious Kitchen: Proline PLJW 120 Wall/Undercabinet Hood

"It is an outstanding Rangehood though it comes with a higher price tag. If you have the budget, then it might be a wise pick. It sturdy, long-lasting, and an ideal option for a spacious kitchen."

"It's affordable among these five. May need professionals to install But other than that, it's a great Rang hood. It is quiet, lightweight, and versatile."

"It comes with a higher price tag but comparatively cheap based on its quality. It is equipped with some unique features like heating lamps, low noise, and high airflow. For those who wish for the best outdoor range hood, it might be a good option for them.."

Best for Professional Use: Proline PLJW 129 Wall Mount Range Hood

"It is obviously an attractive looking range hood and its different sizes help it to fit in both small and spacious kitchen. It is easy to maintain and build to serve you for a long time."

Proline Range Hoods Comparison Chart


Best for



Duct Size

Best Overall

30" & 36"

600 CFM

10" x 3" rectangular vent

Best for Spacious Kitchen

30",36", 42", 48"

900 CFM


Best Budgeted

24",30", 36", 42", 48"

600-1100 CFM


Best for Outdoor

30",36", 42", 48", 54", 60"

1000 CFM

8" round

Best for Professional Use

30", 36", 42"

900-1200 CFM

Not Listed

Top 5 Proline Range Hood: In-Depth Reviews

"Proline range hood reviews are all about the services meant for your kitchen hygiene. Every unit reviewed in this article efficiently eliminates even the tiniest of the particles that make the cooking space greasy and dirty. Above all, Proline kitchen fans are designed and built to last longer along with maintenance-friendly features."

1. Best Overall: Proline PLJW 185 Wall/Undercabinet Range Hood

2. Best for Spacious Kitchen: Proline PLJW 120 Wall/Undercabinet Hood

3. Best Budgeted: PROLINE PLFW 520 Wall Mount Range Hood

4. Best for Outdoor: Proline PLJW 109 Wall/Undercabinet Hood

5. Best for Professional Use: Proline PLJW 129 Professional Range Hood

This fabulous stainless-steel wall hood has a dimension of 20.5 x 30/36/42 x 12.5 inches. The weights of 3 different sizes are 50/58 or 61 pounds. Besides, its sturdy motor delivers 900 CFM and 1200 CFM airflow (Differ from sizes). It generates sounds between 1.3 Sones to a maximum of 7 Sones. And the power consumption is tolerable 110v 60hz not to increase the utility bill.

Coming energy-efficient LED lights, the kitchen fan can deliver sufficient light to cook conveniently if the utility lights are off. And the Time-Delay electronic touch mounted in the middle helps operate the most comfortably. Maintaining the hood is easy, and all you need to do is removing the stainless-steel baffle charcoal filters and toss them in the dishwasher for a clean shine. But you can use it only as a wall-mounted range hood.

With all the advanced features, premium material and construction, it is the perfect unit for a professional set-up. 

Good Sides
  • Durable, Long-lasting, and attractive to grab
  • Easy to maintain and keep it clean off dirt and grease
  • High airflow rate and low blowing sound
  • Energy-efficient LCD light.
  • Efficient baffle filters to trap the dirt and grease in the smoke
  • Ease of installation system is ensuring efficient operation
  • The company provides a 3-year warranty
  • Challenging to replace the backlights
  • Heavy and pricier than other units


Why would you select the proline range hood?

Answer: Range hood is one of those kitchen appliances, which is difficult to replace. That’s why consumers wish to buy an exhaust hood that is durable, long-lasting, and contains all the necessary features.

The proline brand always builds its products considering these facts. Their product may seem expensive initially, but they serve for a long time and save money in the long run.

What is recommended CFM to buy a range hood?

Answer: The recommended CFM varies from wall mounted to the wired range hood. For wall-mounted, don’t go for below 100 CFM and wired range hood tries to purchase one with more than 250 CFM.

Where are Proline range hoods manufactured?

Answer: The Proline is one of the most renowned brands in the market, which are producing industrial-grade luxury range hoods for more than 15 years.

Their headquarter is at Salt Lake City in the state of Utah of the U.S.A, where they design warehouses and sell most of their models.

Does Proline manufacture custom range hoods?

Answer: Actually, Proline doesn't manufacture custom hoods from scratch, but they have several customizable artisan hoods that you can customize on your own choice. You can use their blower inserts to design your custom range hood.

Does Proline Company sell hood inserts?

Answer: Yes, the Proline company sells hood inserts. So, those who are looking for an insert or blower for a custom range hood can look into proline inserts.

Plug-in or hardwired – what types of range hood Proline build?

Answer: The proline manufacturer provides three years of warranty for their product. However, the first year the warranty covers both parts and warranty but they only provide the replacement parts for the second and third years.

Plug-in or hardwired – what type of range hoods Proline build?

Answer: Proline manufactures both Plug-in or hardwired hood types. However, most of their exhaust hoods are just plugged into an average three-prong 110v/60hz grounded outlet. Their Hurricane models are the only directly hardwired electrical system.

Lastly, if you have a plug-in system and wish to convert it into a hard-wired system, you can take help from an electrician to turn it into a hardwired system.

What about Proline's shipping, return, and payback policy?

Answer: Proline covers 14 days penalty-free return policy, and they highly encourage you to check the product within this period. However, if you fail to do so and return the product, you will be responsible for a 20% restocking fee and return shipping.

Final verdict

Proline Range hoods offer different types of range hoods based on multiple sizes and airflow settings, smart touch control, premium durable material, brighter LED lights, and an elegant look. Yes, all that come in exchange for a higher price, but the high-end service compensates for it. And the Proline range hood reviews will testify all that is said here. Therefore, get one of the best proline range hoods here to match your kitchen set-up in both residential and commercial areas.

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