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Rangetop Vs Cooktop Comparison: Which One Is Right For You?

You don’t live in a cave, do you? Because that’s the only place where you’re probably not going to need a gas stovetop. But we’re not here to eat up your time by telling you why you need a gas stovetop. We’re just getting you a clear idea of options of gas stoves you’re currently thinking to grab from.

Well, you’ve already gone through the headline - the ‘Rangetop Vs Cooktop’ one. But the question is, which one to choose. It might sound like an easier choice, but picking one from the ‘top two’ often comes with tons of confusion.

Today that’s what we’re going to help you out with. All you need to do is just keep reading!

No matter whatever it is, if you put two things face to face, the first aspect of differentiation will always be from the ‘definition’ perspective. But as gas stovetops have a physical structure, you’re bound to define them as one basis of their design.

To be honest, when it comes to cooktop vs rangetop, you can’t help walking on the same track as well. So, what makes these two different from each other?

Well, if we start with the Cooktop, the controls of this one are on the top of the stove’s cooking surface. Usually, the installation style is the drop-in one, a style that might make you remember your kitchen sink.

On the other hand, the Rangetops come with front-facing controls. The installation pattern in this one is slide-in style, and the reason is kind of obvious too. As with drop-in one, you won't be able to have the control in front, slide-in sounds like a more suitable style.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Cooktop And Rangetop

Choosing one among these two is going to be a tough nut to crack if you don't even know what’s waiting for you ahead. Initially, we would’ve talked about the pros and cons here.

But to find out a winner in Cooktop vs Rangetop pros cons might not get you an elaborate point of view. So, we thought of taking a deeper dive and finding out the advantages/disadvantages in order to make you understand the difference between range and cooktop in a better way. Let’s get started then?

Rangetop: The Advantages

advantage of a rangetop

From a certain perspective, tons of people prefer to give Rangetop the crown of the best. But let’s not jump into that part yet. It’s better to know the advantages first because when you’re waiting to swipe with a card on your hand for your next stovetop, you just can’t rely on unknown benefits at this point.

1. Sturdy

If you’re looking for a score to give Rangetop then think of nothing but a perfect 10. We don’t know what kind of pans or pot you’re planning to put on it. But the level of construction it comes with makes it sturdy enough to handle all of them. So, if you’re asking for a stovetop that can handle heavier usage, then this is it.

2. Fuel

Yes, we know we’ve used the words ‘gas stovetop’ in the beginning but Rangetop just doesn’t stay stuck to a certain fuel type only. If you feel like you need to go green rather than burning some more natural fuel, then you can pick a Rangetop that runs on electricity.

Want to know something more interesting. Some of them come with the dual-fuel option. This means if you like you can run it on gas or electricity, the choice is yours.

3. Time Saver

Calling the Rangetop a time saver won’t be anything wrong. Actually, it’s designed to serve with a commercial-grade quality. So, the level of faster cooking operation you would’ve got from a professional stovetop is also possible to get out of this one.

It kind of brings a bigger score in favor of Rangetop when you’ll think of it from a rangetop vs. cooktop perspective.

4. Larger Pans

Come on! We’ve already said it’s of commercial-grade quality. So, it can occupy bigger pans and pots is quite apparent, isn’t it? As it comes with large cooking space, it won’t deprive you of the advantage of cooking for a larger number of people.

5. Control Knob Position

You’ve already seen where control knobs are, haven’t you? Yes, right in front of you. This means you won’t have to get closer to the fire to control the burner temperature. So, you’ve got no chance of getting burned, not even a bit.

Rangetop: The Disadvantages

Mr. Rangetop? It’s time to get some criticism now. Just kidding! But yes, now we’re going to tell you about the sides that we didn’t like about Rangetop.

1. Bulkiness

If you’re a fan of typical household kitchens, then we’re pretty much sure that you’re going to count it as bulky. Actually, so do we.

2. Cabinet Counter Alteration

Installing a rangetop isn’t going to be a child’s play. So, if you’re asking for a Rangetop in your kitchen, then be ready to do some significant work on your cabinet counter.

3. Control Knob Position

Imagining how the same thing can be an advantage and disadvantage at a time. Well, for Rangetop, it’s possible. The control knob position is convenient, and it’s so convenient that even your kids can reach it. We believe you know it can lead to.

4. Price

Well, Rangetops indeed takes a bigger bite on the wallet. If you go for a comparison, you might start feeling almost every other gas stovetop sounding like a cheaper one.

Cooktop: The Advantages

The Advantages cooktop

It’s time to step into the next phase of the ‘cooktops versus ranges’, the advantage part of cooktops. If the one gas stovetop you’re going to find more commonly in regular kitchens than Rangetop then it’s the cooktop one. And that’s because it comes with certain advantages like –

1. Fuel

We bet at the beginning you thought the Cooktop one probably wouldn’t come up with as much fuel variation as Rangetop one. But the truth is this one is a step ahead here. You can easily get electric, gas, or induction models out there. Check this article to see cooktop types that will help you choose the right fuel option.

2. Control Panel

Rather than making it easier for your kid to reach, Cooktop comes with a top/surface control panel. This means you’ve got almost zero chance of ending up with an accident. And when the kids start reaching them, we don’t think that’ll be something they’d like to play with.

3. Size

No! The bigger is not always better. Bigger gas stovetops often come at a higher price and also require tons of labor in maintaining. Thankfully, you can count this one out of that ‘Big’ segment. This means it’ll grab less space in your kitchen, and you’ll have more room for other things.

4. Positioning

If you get Cooktops, it’ll be installed on the top of your counter. Not only this style of installation is less hassling, but it’ll also give your kitchen a better and classy look.

5. Cleaning

You’re not new with gas stovetops. So, we guess you already know the amount of effort you need to put in just to keep it or make it clean. But as the size of the Cooktops ain’t anything that you can call ‘humongous’, cleaning them is nothing but easy as pie.

Cooktop: The Disadvantages

When you’re getting a coin, you can’t avoid the other side of it, can you? Well, it’s pretty much the same case here. It’s time to explore the bad side of this story.

1. Unprofessional Vibe

Cooktops are meant and designed for regular kitchens, not for the kitchen of Burj Al Arab. So, missing the professional features in them is quite normal.

2. Smaller Size

Like medicine, the smaller size also has its own side effects. If you ever feel like getting a Cooktop for a professional kitchen the first thing it’ll fail on is keeping up. That’s because the size of a professional stovetop is nothing like what a Cooktop comes with.

3. Control Knobs

Not always but at times, you might feel like it’s tough for you to reach the control knobs when you have too many pots on its surface.

4. Getting Burned

The possibility of getting burned from the fire goes nowhere as well, especially when you’re trying to reach the control knobs—it kind of pushes this one a step back in the race of cooktop vs range.

difference between cooktop and rangetop

Are you still feeling confused about which one to go with? Okay! Let us give one more shot to make it a bit easier for you through the specific but brief difference between the cooktop and the range top.




Easier to install
Requires significant work on the counter for installation
Installation Style
Comparatively low
Higher than Cooktop
Professional Features
Low on this one
High on this one
Fuel Type
Gas, electric, and induction
Gas, electric, and Duel
Compatible with Bigger Pans



So which one to choose - Final Verdict

Wish we could declare a winner in the Rangetop Vs Cooktop ‘match’. But they both come with some strong sides, and none of them are free of drawbacks as well. So, the decision making part goes to you as you know better which one of them will meet your needs better. Now the question is, which one will you choose? That’s another story which only you’ll have to write.

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