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Finding the Best Small Appliances for Tiny Houses

Small appliances for tiny houses can provide a person with the highest amenities in a limited space to enjoy their daily life in a tiny home. A notable number of American people have a dream of living in a tiny house in the future.

Small appliances are mandatory essential equipment to fulfill all of your demands while you will live in a small space. Small appliances generally come with more compacted design, limited size, versatility and in some cases with folding features.

Besides, small appliances can make an easier life as well as increase the tiny house interior beauty. I would love to stay in a tiny house in the future and I have already made a list for my little house. Let’s know the menu.

List of 10 Small Appliances for Tiny Houses

  • Folding bed cum sofa
  • A little fridge
  • Portable cooktop
  • Composting toilet
  • Exhaust fan
  • Food processor
  • Microwave Oven
  • Kitchen cart
  • Blender
  • Coffee maker

1. Folding Bed Cum Sofa

Since a tiny house has less space so you need to use furniture which can perform multipurpose. Bed and sofa both are essential. So, what if you have a small bed cum sofa? It will good!

You will get numerous bed cum sofa available with a folding mechanism. Instead, you can use it without hassle. As per the requirements, it is possible to convert from one appearance to another.

Folding bed cum sofa

In this process, the user has to do only remove the shaft or connection. So, it is urgent for your tiny home to use for a tight sleep and relaxing for a while.

2. A Little Fridge

Without a fridge life faces uncountable difficulties in a tiny house. For daily basis food storing, a small refrigerator is one of the best tiny house appliances that can make your days more enjoyable.

Generally, a couple or a single person lives in a little floating house. So, they can easily save raw food in the refrigerator.

Keep in mind; you have to choose a specific model for a perfect suit into the small spaces. Moreover, you need to measure the home space before buying a fridge.

Little Fridge

Most importantly, 4.4 cubic ft sizes fridge is quite useful for keeping your food fresh for 1.5 or 2 weeks. Besides, this size can easily fit under the counter table.

3. Portable Cooktop

A cooktop is a great mobile device using for light food. It is mandatory to cook or heat your daily diet. Basically, it works like several tiny house cooking stoves. Besides, a portable cooktop is easy to set up on the counter into a cutout place. 

The most crucial benefit that you can remove the cooktop after cooking and use the counter table for another purpose. In your tiny house as you can save the space as it will best.

Portable cooktop cooking

Besides, You can use a portable cooktop as an outdoor cooking device while camping or hiking.

For best benefits within less price, you can pick up a propane cooktop. Commonly, this cooktop can operate with gas or electric.

4. Composting Toilet

Composting toilet is the only best way to use smart looking and hygienic toilet for health. Good to know that the best practice is to use compact appliances for tiny homes.

As you won’t use a built-in bathroom with sewerage connection in the tiny house. So, you can make a composting toilet as per your choice or several composting toilets are the available nearby market you can take.

It comes with two individual chambers. One for the liquid waste of pee and another is for the solid waste of potty. Interestingly, both chambers are removable mechanism.

After fulfilling the waste box, you can easily remove it and clean up for drying. The blend of white vinegar and warm water will be best for composting toilet chamber cleaning.

5. Exhaust Fan

In the tiny houses, space is comparatively very less than necessary things. That’s why the home may become warmer in the summer days.

Similarly, due to the kitchen heat, your home can get more summery than average weather.

Most importantly, most of the tiny house has their bed close to the shed.

It may feel your heat. So, what is the solution? A small exhaust fan can solve your problem.

exhust fan

An exhaust fan can pull up the maximum heat of your tiny home and leave it to the outside of the house. I think a small exhaust is an excellent idea to stay comfortable in the summer days.

6. Food Processor

A perfect food processor can save your 90% time and labor to prepare several food items for cooking delicious food.

It is generally a package of some individual jar like a blender, dry grinder, wet grinder, chopping bowl and blade, salad mixture and many more.

If you have a food processor, it will reduce your maximum cooking hassle.

Food Processor

Because of the individual jar, you will enjoy a quick and accurate food processing. Keep in mind that it is beneficial to provide you with maximum benefits in a small home.

7. Microwave Oven

A small microwave oven is the best way to warm, cook, baked and defrost any food. It also increases your tiny kitchen beauty. You can save your time to cook delicious food like pizza, grill etc.

Maybe, it is difficult to prepare food all the time in a tiny house. And mostly you may want to reduce the cooking labor. That’s why a small microwave is offering several settings and features of cooking.


Here I think, 0.5 cu ft microwave is most excellent for a tiny house. You can select best pick among popular Microwave brands available on the market.

8. Kitchen Cart

A kitchen cart is an essential part of tiny house kitchen appliances. It can use for multipurpose. Interestingly, you will find some kitchen carts with two-part. One is always visible and another is staying inside the one part.

You can pull it out from the inside when needs and can store it after work. The highest benefit that it is incredibly space-saving which you need in your small home.

The upper level of the kitchen cart is using for putting several cooking ingredients and food. And sometimes this counter table can use for storing the prepared food. Similarly, the inside part of the cart is using for cutting vegetables and making bread.

9. Blender

It is an essential kitchen appliance for tiny houses. Generally, the little house stays in the open space or under the sun, which can make you feel the summer heat.

A blender can help you to make taste juice. As well as, you may need to blend several food ingredients for making delicious food in the tiny room. A blender can mostly make more relaxed your life in a small space.


Otherwise, you have to blend it with any problematic ways, which is impossible in a narrow space.

10. Coffee Maker

Coffee is a daily refreshment needs to reduce tiredness and it is necessary there where you will stay. So, in your tiny home, a cup of hot coffee can make your beautiful day.

I think nobody wants to waste time making hand-mixing coffee. That’s why several reputed companies produce small and compacted coffee maker.

So, you need a tiny appliance for kitchen like a coffee maker. Moreover, sometimes your friends or relatives may visit in your home.

Coffee Maker

Then a coffee maker will be a great assistant for making instant hot coffee. So, try to keep the best coffee maker in the small kitchen.

How to Choose the Size of My Tiny House Appliances?

I would say you to analyze a bit of your favorite design of a tiny house or the type of your choosing one. It will mostly help you to choose the right appliances. 

Firstly, make ideation in house space. Then an analysis of several small tools for the little house. If you choose the wrong appliance, it might not suit your home and happen a waste of money. Before buying each appliance, check or fix the place for it before.

Good to know you should buy the smallest size comes from the manufacture. Otherwise, it will be challenging to fit into your home or tiny kitchen.

Buying Used Appliances for a Tiny House

Buying the old or second-hand appliances for tiny homes is a great medium to save your money. But I suggest maintaining more caution before purchasing used materials. Remember that you won’t get the warranted products from the old appliances.

Besides, old things can damage soon or may repair after a few days. Which can lose a lot of your money. Similarly, Old appliance uninstallation is also tricky. But I can suggest Habitat for Humanity stores and Craigslist is best for selling quality old appliance. 


What is the difference between large and small appliances?

Answer: The difference between a large appliance and a small appliance is a large instrument that generally comes with heavyweight and locates in one place. On the other hand, a small device comes with a lightweight, mobility and compacted design.

Are toilets being a small appliance for a tiny house?

Answer: Yes! Definitely. But a toilet should be a composting toilet for a tiny house because you won’t get enough space in your small home.

Our Verdict

For enjoying your life in a small space, choosing a small appliance for tiny houses from before is a best practice. Because to live into a little house, you need to maintain more caution and learn to use each corner of the tiny house. So, if you have any other questions, then let me know.

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