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Different Types of Cooktops for Your Kitchen – Definitive Guide

In the modern era, the kitchen is far more than a cooking room. A kitchen works like the main space in a house in contemporary architecture. That’s why you should decorate the kitchen with stylish and lucrative appliances, and the first thing to do is, modernize the cooktop. Furthermore, it is essential to know about the types of cooktops.

Cooktop allows a user to choose from varieties of classic dishes and fascinating contemporary cuisines. But it also seems hard to select a perfect one for a kitchen. So here, you’ll be informed about cooktop types and their functionalities. 

Besides, you can easily understand which cooktops provide suitable heat for cooking, and which one keeps a kitchen environment alive. Before concluding, the answers to common questions about types of stovetops will be given. So, stay focused.

7 Types of Cooktops Explanation

Are you looking for a replacement for the cooktop? Before transforming from one type to another, try to know the specific type of the cooktops and their usage. The cooktops category depends on their use of power source, ventilation method, and aspect.

Gas Cooktops

Form the name, it is easily understandable that the cooktops work on natural gas supply. The stove provides instant, as well as constant heat, and helps maintain the temperature of the burner.

Usually, a gas cooktop comes up with different sizes of burners, and it offers various power levels that can cook from small to large dishes. In modernized gas cooktop, they offer auto ignition and upswept for easy and quick cleaning operations.

Gas Cooktop

This type of cooktops is trendy for heavy-duty cooking and control over the heat. This stovetop allows seeing the flame during cooking. Yes, the gas cooktops are expensive than electric, but they need low maintenance.

Electric Smooth - Top Range Cooktops

Electric cooktops are the most environment friendly among the different types of stoves. The heating materials locate under the smooth-top range. The smooth-top range function of the electric cooktops makes it easy to clean.

You can reduce the temperature of these cooktops relatively low than gas cooktops. The central theme of this cooktops is a complicated version of the electrical coil that produces the heat under the ceramic glass.

Electric Smooth Top Range Cooktops

The main downside of this cooktop is it offers less control over heat and needs flat-bottomed cookware for cooking with the electric smooth-to range.

Electric Coil Cooktops

The electric coil cooktops are among one of the cheapest types of electric cooktops. You've already known that the modern electric smooth-top range cooktop also has an electrical coil, but that remains under the glass. 

But in traditional electric coil cooktops, a metal spiral heating material with an electric wire embedded works as a coil. When electricity passes through the metal spiral, it heats the metal coil, which heats cookware.

Electric Coil Cooktop

This inexpensive stove is suitable for a Budget customer. Besides, any type of cookware is okay for it. You have to show patience while cleaning the drip pans. Moreover, the coil takes more time to cool down.

Induction Cooktops

This type of cooktops has a particular kind of material under the smooth top. This material creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field only heats the cookware, which is induction-compatible.

Cooking the meal without heating the surface of the stove is the specialty of this stove.

The cookware gets heat from the magnetic field due to the iron in the pans.

The induction cooktops seem entirely different types of stoves other than electric and gas stoves. Induction cooktops heat up quickly and precisely than any kinds of cooktops.

Induction Cooktop

It is more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Indeed, you'll need induction-compatible cookware for cooking.

Modular Cooktops

Still hopeless about the cooktops? Do you need further better options? Then select a modular cooktop for the kitchen. 

The cooktop allows users to choose a combination of electric, gas, and induction burner means you can have the best of every type. T

Modular Cooktop

he cooktop offers us to use various cooking surfaces and methods. The modular cooktops give more flexibility for cooking to the users.

Overhead Cooktops

There's nothing about the cooktops. An overhead cooktop is a ventilating system. It pulls out the steam, odors, moisture, and grease up from cooktop through a filter.

As a result, you'll get a clean and odorless atmosphere in the kitchen

Overhead Cooktop

Downdraft Cooktops

Downdraft is precisely the opposite method of pulling air, steam, odors, moisture form the cooktops and pass them through an under the cooktop and releases them it the outside. To learn more about downdraft cooktop and get cooktop reviews read this article

Types of Cooktops According to Surface Materials

You can also classify cooktops according to their surface material. The surface of a cooktop plays a vital role in the outfit of a kitchen. Besides, for achieving better cleaning ability, a smooth and plane surface is needful.

Stainless steel Cooktop

  • The stainless steel made cooktops look fascinating, sleek, and fashionable.
  • It is easily cleanable with warm water and a soft cloth.

Ceramic Cooktop

  • A ceramic cooktop allows users to use the counter space.
  • It looks appealing and increases the aesthetic look of your kitchen.

Glass-ceramic Cooktop

  • The glass-ceramic cooktop also has the objective to decorate the kitchen.
  • As the surface is pretty smooth, it is easily cleanable.

Porcelain Cooktop

  • Porcelain cooktops surfaces are more stain-resistant. Heat resistant and scratch-free.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


How Can You Replace A Stove’s Power Source?

Answer: Already you’ve known about the cooktop types. Now, if anyone wants to replace an old stove with a new one, what should they do? First, it is better to replace the same power source cooktops. 

Because it seems easy and quick, that means it is better to replace a gas stove with another gas stove. What if anyone wants to switch from gas to electric? In that case, hire a professional who can solve the power source problem for a new cooktop.

Generally, an electric cooktop needs a 220-volt outlet rather than a standard household 110-volt outlet. In that case, appoint an electrician who can make your kitchen electricity voltage suitable for the electric cooktop.

What are the different types of stoves?

Answer: The stoves are categorized according to their use of power source, ventilation, and aspect.

  • Gas stove
  • Electrical Smooth-top Range stove
  • Electric Coil stove
  • Induction stove
  • Modular stove
  • Overhead stove
  • Downdraft stove
  • Portable stove

What is the safest cooktop surface?

Answer: The manufacturer makes a cooktop to tolerate rough handling. But stainless steel offers the strong, handy, and most reliable option. It also looks appealing and trendy. Furthermore, steel made cooktops are completely break-proof.

Final Note

Hopefully, the types of cooktops are not unfamiliar to you now. Few things need to be ensured before buying a cooktop. The round-bottomed or irregular sized pans works not that well with ceramic glass cooktop. 

A robust, sturdy, and solid cooktop is enough for lifetime support. Now it’s your time to choose a modern, trendy, and strong cooktop and make the kitchen fashionable.

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