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Different Types of Range Hoods For Your Kitchen

Whether you plan to redecorate your kitchen or replace the old appliances, a Range hood is one of the crucial kitchen appliances that must not slip by. Indeed, it should add to the prioritized kitchen armies to begin with. As for a healthy and fresh kitchen, range hood is the kitchen essential you need the most. This kitchen fan eliminates and absorbs the toxic fumes, grease, pesky particles, cooking odor, unwanted vapor and stale air.

So, which one should you go for it? Range hoods vary in styles and types. Whereas the style is a matter of taste of the person and kitchen exterior, you should give serious consideration to the right and matching type.

To reach the perfect hood type, you should consider several things: your kitchen layout, the other appliances you are using, the brand of microwave and stove combination, and last but most importantly, the size and space available in your kitchen. That is how, you can pick and choose the perfect exhaust hood from the 6 options – six different types of range hoods.

Now, let's know and learn about them to find the right type of hood for a healthy and smart kitchen.

Before we delve deep into the types and styles of range hoods, you should have a clear idea of what kitchen range hood is and the purpose it serves in your kitchen already mentioned at the outset that kitchen hood is crucial for a healthy and happy kitchen atmosphere. To elaborate further, it is a kitchen appliance that fans out toxic smoke, unwanted odors, and dirt borne out of cooking. That is why people call it by other names that include kitchen fan and exhaust hood.

A kitchen range hood is made of metals constituted of a fan, air filter, and exhaust hood. When the fan runs at speed, the suffocating cooking smoke, choking smell, and other particles in the kitchen are either blown out of the kitchen outlet or the exhaust fan absorbs them to vent out through the venting pipe.

Whether it drives the kitchen dirt and fumes out or sucks the smell and stale air, it serves the key task of freshening the kitchen space. Thus, a kitchen space remains a healthy place, and we feel tempted to get in.

Since the inception and introduction of a range hood, it has gone through modifications and modernizations. That is what has caused varieties in types, styles, and looks. A range hood may have other parts apart from the mentioned ones. They better be called accessories and features attached for convenience. 

Introduce with 6 Different Types of Range Hoods

You have 6 different range hood types to select your one from. Below we will know in-depth about the types and other relative and relevant factors to help us make the right choice.

1. Under Cabinet Range Hood

Under cabinet range hood

An under-cabinet range hood is the most commonly used type across the globe. The name is significant as homeowners install it under the kitchen cabinets. Because of its compact size, it becomes the primary choice for most American Households.

While installing an under cabinet range hood, you need to consider your cabinet's height and the hood's width and depth.

It might become very congested if the hood is low, and you might lose more headspace as it will be closer to the steam and heat. If it becomes too high, then you might lose efficiency.
Most of the old model under the cabinet hood extends about halfway across the stove to remove the unwanted vapor, smell, fumes and greasy substance from your kitchen.
It might improve efficiency but snip away your cabinet space.

An under cabinet hood comes with a powerful fan to eliminate grease droplets and smoke and maintain a fresh environment in your kitchen. However, you also need to consider noise level and fan speed while buying an under cabinet ventilation system.

In fact, you can find a unit featured with multiple speed settings to let you run the fan at a speed that matches your cooking task. Thus, you can avoid noise when running at lower or medium speeds. However, advanced features like multiple speed settings and the likes are now common with almost all types of units. 

2. Wall Mounted Range Hood

Wall Mount Range Hood

Like the previous one, the wall-mounted Range hood is also a widely used vent hood. If your kitchen lacks the cabinets in the area above your cooking space, then you can and should use the wall-mounted hood. These range hoods are installed directly in your kitchen wall and connected with your kitchen's pre-existing duct system for kitchen ventilation.

Wall-mounted hoods are quite large, and they can completely absorb all the dirty particles and smelly air. And the wall-mounted vent hoods sit over the cooking range instead of the cabinets.

But if you have a smaller kitchen, these may not properly answer your requirements suit as you can't install a cabinet in a limited or congested space.

On the other hand, if your cooking range does not sit on an exterior wall, then you can't have a wall mount range hood.

3. Island Range Hood

Island Range Hood

Kitchen design and layout vary widely, and some households prefer to put the cooktop in the middle of the kitchen. In these types of kitchens, you cannot use an under-cabinet or wall-mounted range hood as they tend to be spacious. And other range hood types fall short of ably maintaining the hygiene of a massive kitchen. 

So, if you have a larger kitchen or you have a commercial kitchen set-up, Island hoods are more suitable for your kitchen island. It is similar to the wall-mounted range hoods in terms of function, but you don't have to install an island range hood by digging the wall.

As for installation, an island hood features a vent that attaches to a duct in your ceiling and eliminates all polluted air from your kitchen. This time more efficiently.

So, for those who have a large kitchen, an island hood could be a preferable option.

It's attractive and able to maintain a fresher environment in the kitchen than other types. But these hoods are expensive, and it needs to be connected to vents inside the ceiling making the installation critical.

4. Downdraft Ventilation Hood

Downdraft Ventilation Hoods

Under-cabinet range hood, wall-mounted or the other popular types absorb the polluted air, but the downdraft hoods work differently than the commonly used hoods.

Those with a small kitchen or those who set the cooktop in the middle of the kitchen might have an efficient and suitable option in this type.

If your kitchen has the proper ducting system, then you can easily install the downdraft range hood. These are attractive enough to add to the beauty of the kitchen exterior and occupy lesser space in your cooking arena.

If you are currently using a downdraft cooktop, you won't need this type, as a downdraft type stove comes with smoke illuminating feature that can adjust the downdraft vent.

5. Wall Ventilation Fans

Some people prefer merely ventilation instead of buying the whole range hood. These are a much cheaper option than the Under-cabinet or the Island type. You need to set the fans on your kitchen walls or against a window and connect to the power source.

The wall ventilation fans are only effective against the smoke coming from the cooktop. But they cannot serve any other purpose.

6. Custom Built range hood

Those who are more conscious about their kitchen outlook mainly prefer the custom range hoods. In that case, the overall kitchen layout determines the outlook of the Range hood.

Therefore, you can custom select the shapes and styles as per your requirements and existing kitchen setup. The custom hood upgrades the overall real estate value of the house by adding to the aesthetics of the kitchen space – the most crucial spot in the home.

Range hood types according to Venting Option

A range hood functions as an enclosure around your cooking area and absorbs unwanted smells, smoke and retains fresh air in our kitchen. However, while installing a range hood, you need to consider the venting system in your kitchen. Both Ducted and Ductless range hoods (convertible range hoods) are kings in their ways.

Therefore, before buying a range hood, it's better to know its benefits and drawbacks.

Ducted Range Hood

The ducted type is the most commonly used venting system and you will come across them mostly in commercial kitchens. The residential kitchen also uses this venting system, given a ducted kitchen is available. It connects to a duct, which uses pipes to remove the airborne particles. The ductless is powerful and transports greater amounts of smoke, dirty air, and fumes to the outdoors.

However, some kitchens can restrict where to install the system depending on ducts' availability in your kitchen. By the way, by adding carbon filters, you can transform a ducted hood into a convertible range hood.

Ductless Range hood

The ductless range hood is another venting system usually seen in a modern apartment or residential kitchen due to the lack of a pre-installed venting system. It uses powerful fans and carbon filters to absorb dirt or grease before blowing the refined air back into the kitchen.

A ductless hood requires high maintenance and is comparatively less powerful than a ducted range hood. To improve this venting system's efficiency, you may need to replace the charcoal filter once or twice a year.

If you doubt which type performs better, You can also read our other guide on ducted vs. ductless hood comparison, which may assist you further. 

Final Verdict

All the types have their upsides and downsides. Some are efficient, where some of them are cheap. You have to select any one of them, considering the size and structure of your kitchen.
But before selecting any one type, make sure it does its job correctly. Because replacing a range hood is critical, time-consuming, and an expensive job.

Before summing up, types of range hoods matter so far the main task of ensuring kitchen health and freshness involves. However, you cannot ignore the range hood outlook that may upgrade the exterior look of the kitchen in particular and the home in general. Therefore, along with types of kitchen hood, the style is important too.

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