What Are the Different Types of Range Hoods

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A kitchen is one of the essential portions of any household. It is the place where parents make daily meals for their kids, get together and make fun of doing in the process. Now whether you are planning to redecorate your kitchen or simply replacing the old appliances, Rangehood is one of those parts you should begin. Currently, there are several types of range hoods available. So, which one you should go for it?

It depends on the layout of your kitchen, the appliance you are using, the brand of oven and stove combination and last but most importantly, your choice.

However, the purpose of Range hood is to eliminate all the unwanted vapor, smell, smokes, and temperature changes that generate in cooking on your stoves.

No matter what types of kitchen hood you are selecting, make sure it can accomplish the purpose. So, without wasting any time, let's see what the different types of kitchen hoods available are.

6 Different Types of Range Hoods

1. Under-cabinet range hood

An under-cabinet range hood is the most regularly used range hood because of its compact size and attractive design. These types of hoods installed under the kitchen cabinets above the cooktop. These types of stove hoods are regularly seen in the household of America.

There are two types of Under-cabinet range hoods and those are ducted and ductless. A ducted range hood absorbs all the smokes and transports them outside. On the other hand, the ductless absorbs the dirty air and recycles them.

The ducted range hoods are more compact and simply hidden within your cabinet. But ductless is effective but space consuming. The ductless unit also needs regular cleaning and replacing the filter.

However, the under cabinet range hoods come in a variety of sizes, weights, and power. You can select any of the models considering your kitchen requirements.

Under cabinet range hood

2. Wall Mounted Range hood

Wall-mounted Rangehood is another commonly use vent hood. If there are no kitchen cabinets in the area above your cooking space, then you can use the wall-mounted Rangehood. These range hoods are installed directly in your kitchen wall and connected with your kitchen's pre-existing duct system for ventilation.

Wall-mounted hoods are quite large and they can completely absorb all the dirty air. This wall-mounted range hoods installed over the cooking range instead of cabinets.

But if you have a smaller size kitchen, then these may not suitable for you as you can't install a cabinet in the area.

On the other hand, if your cooking range isn't installed on an exterior wall, then you can't have a wall-mounted range hood.

Wall Mount Range Hood

3. Island Range Hood

Not all kitchen has the same design and some households prefer to put the cooktop in the middle of the kitchen. In these types of kitchen, you cannot use an under cabinet or wall mounted range hood.

Island hoods are more suitable for these types of kitchen. It is similar to the wall-mounted range hoods but you don't have to install it aside from the wall.

An island hood features a vent that attaches to a duct in your ceiling and eliminates all polluted air from your kitchen.

Island Range Hood

Those who have a large kitchen, an island hood could be a suitable option for then. It's attractive and able to maintain a fresh environment in the kitchen. But these hoods are expensive and it needs to be connected to vents inside the ceiling.

4. Downdraft Ventilation Hoods

Under-cabinet range hood, wall-mounted or other types of range hood absorbs the polluted air, but the downdraft ventilation hood works differently than the commonly used hood.

Those with a small kitchen or those who set the cooktop in the middle of the kitchen, it might be a good option for them.

Downdraft Ventilation Hoods

If your kitchen has the proper ducting system, then you can easily install the downdraft range hood. These are attractive and less space-consuming.

5. Wall Ventilation Fans

Some people prefer ventilation instead of buying the whole range hood. These are a much cheaper option then the Under-cabinet range hood or the Island range hood. All you need to do is, setting the fans on your kitchen walls or against a window and connected power source.

The wall ventilation fans are only effective against the smoke that generate from the cooktop. But they cannot perform any other jobs.

6. Custom Built range hood

Those who are more conscious about their kitchen outlook, they mainly prefer the custom look range hoods. The outlook of the Range hood mainly selects from the overall kitchen outlook. On the other hand, you can customize the shapes and styles as your own requirements.

Final Verdict

There are different types of range hoods available in the market and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are efficient, where some of them are cheap. You have to select any of the range hood considering the size and structure of your kitchen.

But before selecting any types of kitchen hood, make sure it does its job correctly. Because replacing a range hood is not an easy job. These are expensive and difficult to replace.

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