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What Is A Ductless Range Hood? – Definitive Guide

If you have any plan to renovate your kitchen or simply upgrading the old appliance, then you must know how overwhelming the details can be. But among other appliances, one of the difficult tasks is to replace the range hood, especially when it is a ductless range hood. But before further discussing about ductless range hood, you should know what a Ductless Range Hood is?

The primary purpose of a range hood is to eliminate the smells, steam, smoke and heat or other unwanted elements. Where the ducted rangehood uses a ventilation system to keep the polluted air out of the kitchen, a ductless range hood recycles the polluted air and put it back on the kitchen. It mainly does the recycling process with the help of filters. That's why you might clean or replace the filters several times in a year. A ductless range hood is also called a recirculating range hood or non-vented range hood.

What is a Ductless Range Hood? -- In Details

How does a ductless range hood work?

A ductless range hood consists of two major components and those are a fan (or a blower, motor) and filter. A ductless range hood absorbs the air through the fan and uses the filter to eliminate smells, steam or smokes.

There are three different types of filters, and those are Mesh filters, Baffle filters and Charcoal filters. Each of them has a different working process and various commercial brands are using different filters to purify the air.

What we like about ductless range hood

  • The main advantages of the ductless range hood are, you can set up the range hood anywhere you want. You don't have to install any ventilation system to operate the range hood. So, those who don't have a ventilation system installed in their kitchen, a ductless range hood becomes their only option for their kitchen.
  • A ductless range hood is more efficient than the ducted range hood. Some commercial brands feature a programmable timer to turn on or turn off the range hood.

What we don't like about ductless range hood

  • As the ductless rangehood purifies the air, so it becomes difficult to eliminate all the steam and smoke. So, there might be some areas where the whole kitchen air is not fully recycled. Besides, it generates quite loud sounds while filtering the air.
  • A ductless range hood recycles the kitchen air with the help of filters. That's why to get maximum performance; the filters needed to be changed every three to four months. So, it becomes a bit hassle to change or clean the filters.

Ductless Range Hood Installation Steps

One of the best parts of a ductless range hood is its installation simplicity. But still, you can follow these steps to perform the job more effortlessly

Find the central point on the wall

Initially, it would be best if you located the center on your kitchen wall. It might not be a difficult task to measure the middle point between two upper cabinets. Make sure that the point is also centered above the cooking range. You can use a level to draw a straight line above the ceiling vertically.

Measure for the suggested height

Most of the commercial brands recommend the distance between the stove and the range hood. Generally, the difference should not be more than 33 inches. So, you need to measure the gap and check how much space do you have to mount your range hood.

Install electrical box

Place an electrical box against the wall where the electrical wires will come out. Draw around the edges of the box and mark the opening that will fit the box. Don't forget to ensure that the electrical outlet is along with the centerline.

Before start working with the electrical wires, don't forget to turn off the circuit. Now use a drywall saw and cut along the marking you made. When you are don't with it, tap it out with a drywall mallet. Now open the holes of the electrical box and pass the wires through the hole. After that, you need to mount the box and tighten the screws.

Connect the electric outlet

You can use a wire stripper to remove a bit more than ½ inches of the wire insulator and expose and the naked wire. Now you need to take help of the manual to see the exact connecting process as different commercials have a different connecting process.

Attach the range hood and chimney

Now lastly, you need to add the range hood and the chimney. Before attaching the vent, connect the range hood to the electric outlet. Double-check that everything is alright or not. Now you can power the ductless range hood and see its working correctly or not.

Key Factors Before Buying a Ductless Range Hood

If you are interested in purchasing a ductless range hood, then make sure you know all the critical factors before buying it. If you have any confusion, don't hesitate to read the entire article and enhance your knowledge.


A range hood is obviously an expensive appliance and even the cheapest model costs around a hundred bucks. So, if you don't want to take any chance, you can invest your money in a reputable brand. These brands are known for their higher customer service and quality product. Some of them may seem expensive, but in the long run, you won't regret buying them.

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There are various types of range hood available in the market, and island range hood is getting very popular nowadays. There is also another ductless range hood available such as wall-mounted and under-cabinet. You can select any of these ventilation hoods based on your kitchen design.


A filter is a crucial component for any ductless range hood as the filters do the whole recycling process. There are three different types of filters available, and each commercial uses different types (Mesh, baffle, or charcoal) of filters for their brands. The filter catches the unwanted oil, smoke, or smell and keeps the air clean.

However, no matter what type of filter you choose, you need to replace or clean them regularly to get the best benefit from it.


Your ductless range hood must have sufficient ability to remove all the unwanted elements from your kitchen. How much power is going to require is basically measured by CFM (cubic feet per minute).

That's why if you have an electric stove, it's going to need 100 CFM airflow for every 10 inches of width on your cooktop. The higher the CFM airflow, the more powerful the motor is.

So, make sure your ductless range hood has enough power to remove all the unwanted elements from the air.

Noise level

Some of the ductless range hood produces unbearable sounds which spoil the working environment of the kitchen. Sones measure the noise level of the range hood. So, before buying any range hood, don't forget to check the specification to the noise level of the ventilation hood.


Budget is undoubtedly a big issue if you are planning to purchase a kitchen hood. The price of the range hood basically depends on the power, noise level, filter or other fancy features of your range hood.

Generally, a ductless range hood has a price tag of 70 to 2000 bucks. So, depending on your allocated money for your ventilation hood, you can pick your range hood. To buy cheap range hood you may check air king range hoods.


What is a Ductless Range Hood? I guess you have already found your answer after reading this article. Those who live in urban areas and don't have a preinstalled ventilation system available in their kitchen, a ductless range hood becomes their only option.

It is affordable and can be installed in any place you like. So, I hope after reading this article, you have a clear idea about the advantage, disadvantages or the step by step installation process of the range hood.

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