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What Is Sones Rating for Range Hood?

One of the most crucial factors to look out for when you are looking for a range hood for your kitchen is the sone level. When cooking, you will want a calm and quiet environment, and a noisy fan is the last thing you need.

In this article, we have compiled and put together all necessary information thoroughly to give the accurate knowledge sones rating in a hood.

Want to find what is sones rating for range hood? Read this article to find out.

A sone is a measurement unit for the perceived loudness of a sound. For range hoods, the sone rating lets you know how much noise the ventilation fans inside the hood will produce.

Checking the sone ratings becomes crucial as you might pick up a hood that is very powerful, but it produces a level of noise that might disrupt your cooking environment.

What Sone Level Is Right for You?

Now that you know what a sone is, deciding what sone level suits your cooking, how often you cook, and your tolerance towards the fan noise should be the next step.

For instance, greasy, high heat, barbeque, and Asian cooking would require a high-power fan with higher CFM airflow to maintain proper ventilation; thus, the sone level will be higher. Low heat cooking, however, will not require such power; hence the fan will be quieter.

With all that being said, on average, you should be looking at a range hood between 1 to 3 sones. Range hoods with variable speed controls are easy to find almost anywhere you go. The variable speed control will not limit you, as with the variable speed control, you can have the best of both worlds!

You can get a range hood with a high CFM that will clean the air very efficiently and also be capable of reducing the fan speed when you don’t need that much power and have a much level of noise level.

How Loud Is the Level of Sones?

A sone rating of 1 is as quiet as a refrigerator running or a suburb night. At this rating, it is practically noise-free. Sone level 2 sounds like a calm office while Sole level 3 produces noise equivalent of a TV show playing in the background.

Sone level 4 is about what a normal conversation sounds like. From sone level 5, we can experience noise. Sone level 6 produces noise equivalent to a restaurant, and sone level 7 and 8 sounds like street traffic.

Some Factors That Affect the Noise Level

How the range hood is installed will affect the noise it makes. Make sure to have the installment done by professionals so you can achieve the result you want.

The CFM will definitely be the most important factor when it comes to noise. Just get a hood with adjustable fan speed, so you get cornered into choosing one or the other.

The size of the range hood that your kitchen requires will also affect noise as a smaller hood is less likely to produce the same level of noise as a larger hood. Pick the hood that fits your kitchen.

Filters are made of different materials that will make different levels of noise, so be on the look for what material the filters are made from.

Final Thoughts

What is sones rating for range hood, then? You’ve got the answer. Based on this, you can buy yourself the best range hood for your kitchen now. Make sure it doesn’t get too noisy.

The kitchen in your house is your family space and the place where you want to cook with ease and comfort. For that to happen, you just need a quiet and comfortable ambiance, not a noisy, chaotic room.

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