Top 8 Zephyr Range Hood Reviews and Guide

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What are the features you should be after while shopping for a range hood? Not to mention, the go-to features should include quiet operation, easy to clean, proper lighting, and powerful ventilation. All the Zephyr range hood reviews in this article are brief elaborations on the said features and functionality.

Zephyr Ventilation landed on the scene with the promise of high-end and well-built ventilation equipment. And their swift rise to prominence is evident that they have won the trust. The company, since its inception in 1997, has been focusing on quality, professional-grade, and cutting edge home appliances with special attention on the ventilation machines.

In this article, we have covered 6 top quality Zephyr Range Hood Reviews. The buying guide is singularly intended to guide you for a better ventilation solution keeping your requirements and budget in mind.

6 Best Zephyr Range Hood Reviews

1. Zephyr AK2100BS 30" Power Typhoon Range Hood

Zephyr AK2100BS Power Typhoon Range Hood

The product title signifies the power it comes packed with. Yes, Zephyr AK2100BS is virtually a powerhouse that has three blowing options – 250 CFM, 390 CFM, and 850 CFM – matching the requirements your kitchen deserves.

Isn't it a human-centric innovative update from the company's behalf? Sure. There is more to take note of this model of Zephyr under cabinet range hood.

  • Type: Under Cabinet
  • Max CFM: 850
  • Dimensions: 20.8*29.8*7.9 inches
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Noise level: 0.9-5 Sones
  • Bowing Speed: 6 levels
  • Color: Stainless Steel, Black, and White

Zephyr AK2100BS 30" comes featured with quiet speed-setting and you can reduce the machine sound to as low as .9 sones. But if you need to raise the speed level to the highest, it will not cause hearing discomfort.

In line with these two aforementioned intelligent designs, the convenient self-cleaning system is just what makes it stick out from the stack. Now, you don't have to face a huge mess.

What we like

  • Dual lighting lets you dim and lightens as per your need
  • Zephyr-exclusive ACT technology to deliver required blowing speed
  • Turbine Blade feature enables it to exchange existing hot air with the fresh one and leave the grease apart
  • Detachable safety grilles and capacitive touch control system
  • Longer warranty statement than the competitors

What we don't like

  • Installation is tougher than usual
  • Reported to be quite louder

This range hood works excellent and looks elegant. It is powerful enough to fan away from the stagnancy and lighten the kitchen.

2. Zephyr ZSAE30DS Essentials Europa Series Wall Mount Hood

When you are opting for any indoor electronic appliance, the look should come to your mind next to the performance. Zephyr ZSAE30DS Essentials Europa wall mount hood comes equipped with the premium material –stainless steel. Not to mention, the steel housing ensures the sleek look and the durability is a bonus to get really over joyous.

Zephyr ZSAE30DS Essentials Europa Series Wall Mount Hood

So far performance is concerned; the powerful 685-CFM fan blows dust, dirt, and any greasy particle out of the kitchen to the last existence. Moreover, the fan operates at 1 sone quieter than the rivals.

Amazingly enough, the ACT technology equips the unit with the convenience to control the max Blower CFM as per the local code permits. This is what makes this curved body elegant unit favorite to the users across the globe.

  • Type: Wall mount Range Hood
  • Size: 30" and 36"
  • Max Airflow: 685 CFM
  • Weight: 39.3 lbs and 45 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of fan speed: 5
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Dimensions: 16.9 x 33.9 x 25.6 inches
  • Control: Icon Touch Control

The dual-line LED lighting is a great help for precise cooking as they can specifically highlight the object on the stove. Thus you can cook even when the regular room lights are off. To speak of the intelligent design, the mesh filters are a user-friendly one that is very easy to clean when clogged by dirt or grease build-up.

What we like

  • Convertible into a ductless range hood
  • Dual-level LED lighting for more illumination
  • Operates at the quieter sound and so is no disturbance while dinning
  • Great touch controls and LED light strip
  • Durable stainless steel body and elegant surface finish

What we don't like

  • Not quiet on the high-speed operation

Sophisticated and stylish look along with a high-quality hood serves you utmost durability. In a word, this unit is an awesome addition to your kitchen.

3. Zephyr AK8400AS 21" Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Zephyr AK8400AS Under-Cabinet Hood

The outstanding quality of Zephyr AK400AS 21" is it is likably quiet. Moreover, it comes equipped with multiple speed settings. Won't you love this model just for these said two? And thanks to the compact size, Zephyr has decided on this model.

It will occupy minimal space in your tiny kitchen. But the 21" Zephyr model will efficiently exchange humid interior air with the fresh one.

  • Type: Under Cabinet
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Hood size: 21 inches
  • Weight: 16.9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 26*14.5*13.5 inches
  • Number of Speed Setting: 3
  • Max Speed: 290 CFM

On top of the beautiful look, it features dual-lighting along with the halogen brightness. That is why people prefer this fan because it raises the beauty of the whole kitchen to a new height. The dimension of the fan suits the under cabinet storage space, and the duct fits exactly to emit smoke and fume with ease.

One downside should not avoid mentioning that the highest of the three fan speeds, falls below the lowest of most rival under cabinet range hoods. But it no way affects the main task of fanning the hot air out.

What we like

  • Aluminum net filters provide smooth airflow
  • Convenient to keep it clean
  • Designed to control slide to the sides
  • Recirculation kit for easy installation without buying anything extra

What we don't like

  • Meant for smaller kitchen only

This model of Zephyr is quiet, compact but efficiently keeps the kitchen air fresh. The most affordable Zephyr range hood.

4. Zephyr AK2500BS 30" Hurricane Range Hood

Zephyr AK2500BS Hurricane Range Hood

Meet a powerful, quiet, and multi-speed home appliance in this zephyr hurricane range hood. You can rely on it without further consideration as it features 695 CFM powerful blowing. That is huge enough to blow unwanted airborne mess away from your kitchen interior.

No worry about the noise as you can reduce the sound by choosing a low level of sound from 2-5.5 sones sound range.

  • Type: Under cabinet hood
  • Style: Standard Hood
  • Dimensions: 30*7*22.12 inches
  • Weight: 36.6 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Duct Dimensions: 7(d)*10(w)*3.25(l) inches
  • Number of Speed: 3
  • Max Blow CFM: 695 CFM
  • Sound Range Level: 2-5.5 Sones

This Hurricane model is featured with the industry-grade functions like self-cleaning and dual-light lighting to be in line with the top-ranked hoods. And to surpass them all, it comes equipped with the innovative Timed Delay-Off mechanism to ease your kitchen strain by igniting the range brightly.

On top of excellent functionality and efficiency, here in this kitchen fan, you can encounter the interaction of high-end technology with sophisticated style. And this has undoubtedly given it with the extra-ordinary look – another reason to take the model to such prominence.

What we like

  • Designed with ACT for curbing max blowing CFM to match the local requirements.
  • A perfect blend of silence and performance
  • Filter-free range hood for airflow without any hindrance
  • Easy and simple to operate

What we don't like

  • Cannot install outdoor
  • No recirculating kit

You will love the look, performance, and silence. Moreover, it provides you with great quality, builds, material, and functionality.

5. Zephyr AK7100AS-BF 30" Essentials Power Series Gust Hood

The halogen lights are brighter enough to illuminate the cooking object and spot. So if you can withstand the intensity of them, this is great to go without the regular kitchen light. Thus Zephyr Gust range hood can save your utility bill.

Zephyr AK7100AS-BF Essentials Power Series Gust Hood

The performance is beyond average backed by the 400 CFM blower that operates silently at a lower speed. And the higher speed will not exceed the range of 2-5 sones. The three-speed fan is enough to serve you with your required level of blowing speed. You can custom select your speed as per your kitchen activities. Against the trendy digital control, this Zephyr unit comes equipped with mechanical control that lets you operate with precision.

  • Type: Under cabinet hood
  • Hood Size: 30"
  • Hood Material: Stainless Steel
  • Max Speed: 400 CFM
  • Number of fan speed: 3
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Dimensions: 21*29.9*8.2 inches
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Lighting: 2 Halogen Lights 
  • Warranty: 10 Years at no cost

And the sophisticated kitchen appliance backed by the stainless steel finish will add to the overall real estate value of your house. Moreover, premium material housing guarantees a longer range-hood life. To your utter comfort, the compact size and lighter weight will match the under cabinet space available above the stove top location in your kitchen.

What we like

  • Easy installation and sufficient fan speed
  • Quieter at a lower speed
  • Sturdy construction and durable material
  • Superior replacement of smoke and steam
  • Comes equipped with baffle filters to trap grease successfully

What we don't like

  • Not quieter at high speed
  • No recirculating kit

You will go for it again and again for the premium construction and performance. The ultimate grease remover and steam sucker.

6. Zephyr AK9228AS Cabinet Range Hood

Zephyr AK9228AS Cabinet Range Hood

This Zephyr under cabinet range hood is different than other models in terms of additional technology. Suppose the ADA remote control system is singularly an answer to the user issues. To get close to the cooking area may prove dangerous. But this remote control operated model lets you maneuver the kitchen fan far from the machine and thus away from the furnace heat.

This is the reason Zephyr, being a new brand, has won the trust in the industry so quickly. Zephyr can read the user's concern and response as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

  • Type: Under cabinet range hood
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Dimensions: 31.9*17.5*25.6 inches
  • Duct Dimensions: 8(d)*10(w)*3.25(l)
  • Number of Speeds: 6
  • Number of Speeds: 6
  • Sound Range: 2-6 sones
  • Safety Grilles: 2
  • Volts: 120 volts
  • Frequency: 60 Hz

This Monsoon I series has made the advent with several features to mark the prominence of the series. They have significantly contributed to the drastic performance and easy maintenance. Thus consumers love to have added to their kitchen appliances.

What we like

  • A fabulous addition for healthy kitchen air
  • Removable tray to collect separated grease
  • Auto-delay Off to keep the hood brightly lighted
  • Price is a steal compared against the benefits

What we don't like

  • No mentionable cons

It removes odor and hot air efficiently. A combo of sophisticated technology and user-concerned design – a right bargain.

7. Zephyr ZSAE30CS 30" Wall Mount Range Hood

Zephyr ZSAE30CS Wall Mount Range Hood

Our 5th range hood review is on the zephyr wall mount range hood. This is intended for those who lack or denounce a kitchen cabinet. Zephyr ZSA30CS shares everything with other Zephyr range hood types in terms of functionality and construction.

Even the zephyr island range hood has all common with the Zephyr chimney wall range hood. But the only difference is the mounting type or installation process.

Therefore, this model of the Zephyr ventilation again reminds us of the concern the brand shares for all users.

  • Type: Wall Mount Range Hood
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Speed: 5
  • Max CFM: 685 CFM
  • Dimensions: 16.9*33.9*25.6 inches
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Sound Range: 1-6 Sones
  • Lighting: Dual-lighting
  • Duct Cover: Up to 12 ft.
  • Voltage: 120 volts

However, the close inspection of this chimney wall range hood will give us the impression of Zephyr's vias for the exterior look on top of the internal workability. Zephyr ZSAE30CS 30" is a sleek and trend-setting alternative both in terms of design and performance. Thanks to the robust 685-CFM blowing power, 5 ICON Touch Controls, and the ACT technology.

What we like

  • 2 aluminum mesh filters for comfortable airflow and simple hassle-free cleaning
  • Dual-lighting with 50w halogen bulbs for sufficient lighting
  • Huge sound range 6 sones for quiet operation
  • Robust blowing option for powerful venting

What we don't like

  • Advisable for those who lack kitchen cabinet
  • An expensive hood but service worth the bargain
  • Many complain of the cheap sticker that easily peels of

This is worth the high-end cost – beautiful to look at, not noisy, and powerful to blow hot air and grease out.

8. Essentials Europa Tamburo 30" Range Hood

Essentials Europa Tamburo 30 inch Range Hood

Another fantastic range hood series brought into the market by the new brand is the Zephyr Europa range hood. As is usual with any top-quality appliance, it will withstand the wear and tear but serve the key purposes best.

Multiple speed-settings (three), 400 CFM to be the highest, will suffice to keep the kitchen space healthy by pushing unhygienic airborne particles away. On its top, speed preference will let you run the fan quieter.

  • Type: Under Cabinet Range Hood
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Dimensions: 30*21.13*8.25 inches
  • Number of Speed: 3
  • Max Airflow: 400 CFM
  • Low Airflow: 210 CFM
  • Duct Diameter: 7"
  • Duct orientation: Vertical or Horizontal

The elegant look has inspired huge gazes thanks to the crescent-shaped structure. The shape along with the halogen light, will accentuate your kitchen to look elegant. To your convenience, you will encounter a utensil tray to keep additional pots, plates, and other kitchen accessories organized. And you can have the most needed at your reach.

To keep the valued appliance is just fun as you can detach the aluminum mesh easily to wash dirt and dust away. Applying dishwasher on them is safe. Therefore, users like it the most for easy maintenance and functionality. Moreover, the glaring stainless finish will not allow dirt stuck with it on top of adding to the beauty of your healthy and furnished cooking spot.

What we like

  • Rapidly free your kitchen from unwanted particles and odors
  • 3 fan speeds allow you to set your chosen/needed ventilation
  • Mechanical controls for simple and easy operation
  • Top or rear hood exhaust for preferred smoke/fume emission

What we don't like

  • Flimsy grilles to grow grease easily
  • Duct tape inconveniently hard to remove

Conveniently functional, efficient appliance and stunningly attractive home décor piece too.


Significant Frequently Asked Questions

What type of filter to go for?

Answer: There are two filtering options – aluminum & carbon filters. While the aluminum attracts dirt and grease, they are easy to wash and can be reused. Conversely, carbon filters can efficiently capture dirt and grease, but they are not re-usable.

Does CFM only matter?

Answer: Airflow or the number of CFM matters most, but it cannot be the sole consideration. You must consider the multiple-speed setting along with CFM power.

Does Zephyr offer Island Range Hoods too?

Answer: Yes. Zephyr Ventilation offers a wide range of island range hood models for you. You can have a nice bargain in them if you lack wall space and kitchen cabinet in your cooking room.

What if my range hood is not venting sufficiently?

Answer: Check if the vent duct is blocked partially, and the end cap is close enough to the emitting pipe. Poor venting may result from improper installation of the damper.

What to clean the metal mesh filter with?

Answer: Non-phosphate detergent is advisable to clean the metal mesh filter of your range hood. Phosphate detergent can cause discoloration, but this will no way affect the performance or functionality.

Final Verdict

We have conducted severe research to come out with the right product and information because we deem any kitchen appliance to be the most crucial one. These Zephyr range hood reviews will prove very useful in finding the best range hood for your home. While you might also look for other brands, Zephyr is the name in the ventilation appliance scene to fully trust on.

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